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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ultrasonic bath : for injectors , liquid, how to make your own hands , care and cleaning

Ultrasonic bath
  • Application
  • cleaning nozzles
  • device
  • Types
  • On ultrasound
  • Features
  • Additional features
  • Tips for Choosing
  • How to make your own hands?
  • Use and Care
  • What fluid to use?
  • Tips

Recently optics and jewelers are willing to offer a service of cleaning by ultrasound.For the procedure using a special machine called an ultrasonic bath (ultrasonic bath), where there is a special reservoir for placing the objects to be treated.Useful properties of ultrasound are shown in a special liquid.Master to put a subject, turn the unit on, then wash.Minimum Action!

Theoretically, such a bath, you can do any capacity, using special equipment for the creation and dissemination of ultrasound.

Ultrasonic bath


Cleansing subjects - the most simple and banal way to use ultrasound bath in most industries. great demand instrument in medicine, research - using ultrasound accelerate the reaction, carried out tests on substances sterilized instruments.We need it for cleaning hard to reach places, thin and small work, supplemented by special reagents.The widespread use of the device received in the workshops of office equipment, mobile phones, jewelery, in the automotive industry was washed filters and engines.

Therefore, some individual entrepreneurs is very useful to have a helper, which will carry out part of the operations, freeing up time and the hand of the master for the more important and difficult work.

Ultrasonic bath inside
Ultrasonic bath inside
Ultrasonic bath inside
Ultrasonic bath inside
Ultrasonic bath inside

cleaning nozzles

service station applied ultrasonic bath for different cleansing, helping to get deep into theand accelerate the repair process.For example, cleaning nozzles - a fairly common operation.This option is not suitable for ceramic products.

Pre-need to disassemble parts to control the injector and check them out on the test device, and then immersed in the ultrasonic bath container filled with a special solution.make recheck the process is complete.

method is considered more effective than just flushing, however, wear of parts becomes greater due to cavitation.Because of this and the technical nuances of ultrasonic cleaning nozzles used for high mileage and pollution.

Open ultrasonic bath
Cleaning of nozzles in an ultrasonic bath

On cleaning the nozzles of injectors by ultrasound, see the following video.


design of ultrasonic bath is reduced to three components (except tank):

  • generator that creates ultrasonic elektrokolebaniya;
  • radiator that converts vibrations into mechanical vibrations;
  • heating element (an additional part, which improves efficiency) creates temperature conditions for a better process can heat the liquid medium to 70 °.

About how arranged bought ultrasonic bath, see the following video.


Spa in demand in many industries, the difference lies in the amount of parts requiring cleaning, frequency of use and amount of work:.

  • Portable - neat device with a capacity of up to 1 liter, used for private orcommercial cleaning small parts.Simplified models are straightforward design, a minimum number of functions.For the masters do semiprofessional devices with additional options, electronically controlled stainless steel tanks of excellent quality.
  • industrial ultrasonic baths are different dimensions: their displacement volume can be more than 10 liters, the minimum - 4 liters.Almost all of them have heating function, timers and additional treatment options.
Portable ultrasonic bath
Industrial ultrasonic bath

On ultrasound

Ultrasound - Physical term used to describe the sound level or noise outside the human hearing, it is defined as the range of 16 kHz - 1000 kHz.

the study of ultrasonic waves has been found that they cause a kind of "boiling" liquid substances, due to which the bubbles do not emerge and explode, causing additional waves.Conventionally, this process gave the name of "cavitation", which formed the basis of operation of the ultrasonic bath.

size of the bubbles depends on the ultrasonic frequency: the higher the volume, the smaller the bubbles.Therefore, this method makes it possible to push dirt and grime from the surface of a solid object.Cavitation is feedback from ultrasound height: from small bubbles resulting pressure force smaller waves, so at a relatively low frequency cavitation stronger.This may be the "mark" on the surface, changing its level at the smallest particles.It turns out that the higher the frequency, the bubbles are slimmer and smaller traces of them.

Ultrasonic bath


Where required pinpoint accuracy and fine cleaning, ultrasonic baths are indispensable, they have a number of advantages compared with any other mechanical means of purification:

  • No need to personallyparticipate in the work, after loading the object into the bath can only turn on the machine;
  • No direct skin contact with the chemistry, there is no negative impact on health;
  • Clears the entire surface - the smallest mesh, grooves, gaps, which can not get towels, brushes, etc .;
  • Ultrasound does not leave traces, chips and other serious damage on the surface.

Ultrasound is able to clean the residue, leftover pasta, any corrosion of the film, including safety.Some of the stones and minerals are of organic origin, or belong to the sedimentary rocks, which makes them more susceptible to such treatment.For this reason, you need to pay attention to the corals, pearls, opals, malachite, emerald, turquoise, tanzanite, lapis, and exclude them from the list of works: after ultrasonic bath "beauty" stone, its cutting and polishing is broken.

Ultrasonic cleaning gold chain

Additional features

use of accessories and special features simplifies and facilitates the work of the unit, in some cases - improves efficiency.

most common functions:

  • multimode.Simple household ultrasonic baths work with the 1-2 modes.Semi allow you to configure up to 5 modes.Diversity due to the nature of work and cleaning purposes.
  • timer measures the time and automatically switches off the device, provided by almost all the models, but the most simple and budget home.
  • heating have almost all models, it increases efficiency and speeds up the process.The heating fluid is conducted to a maximum of 70 ° C, it is even more than the required values.The optimum heating temperature is 50 ° -60 ° C.
  • Protection - Unplug the appliance without liquid and save it from overheating.
  • TQ - property useful in the repair of mobile and office equipment, it also sought, using specific cleaners.
  • Electronic control panel lights.Of course, this is cheating, which increase the price of ultrasonic baths, but without them is difficult.
  • Accessories help make the job simple and easy.This nets and baskets for placing and washing parts, they will protect the steel tank from contact with objects, damage and scratches.It is fundamentally extend the life of your unit.To include accessories and transparent lid.It is very convenient, especially when simultaneous cleaning of several small items.
Ultrasonic bath
Ultrasonic bath

How to clean coins in an ultrasonic bath, see the following video.

Tips for Choosing

Select ultrasonic bath - an important and crucial step, which is entirely dependent on the purpose of cleaning application.It is with an eye to their selected operating parameters:

  • volume ultrasonic baths related to the size and number of items, items that you will be clean.Do not put these items on the surface of the bath (there is a possibility of resonance and subsequent failure of the device), so the set is better to buy a basket to the bottom left at least 3 cm
  • frequency waves -. The concept of applied physics.Depending on the nature and sensitivity of the cleaning material selected operating frequency is selected or ultrasonic bath with the adjusted range.

20-50 kHz - relatively rough cleaning, used for industrial facilities and components in the automotive industry.The frequency of 20 kHz can destroy the cell structure, but the 35-40 kHz - the working range for household cleaning resistant surfaces.

50-100 kHz - intense and softer cleaning, used in medicine and jewelry.Suitable for partial sterilization.

Ultrasonic bath

How to make your own hands?

Art and technology are able to do to create a "dream ultrasonic bath."You will need some experience of Electromechanics, savvy and some simple tools: resistant to strong deep bowl made of stainless steel, tray of a dielectric (such as porcelain or glass), smaller in size than a bowl.Useful magnetic coil, flat magnet for radio, non-conductive rod and the pump pulse converter.

transformer will act as a generator capacity to form a working volume of the bath, and the emitter is made of the remaining parts: it is necessary to rewind the wire from the spool to stick cooked-insulator, at the tail threaded ferrite magnet.

Having billet radiator, connect the bowl, leaving the porcelain inside the metal.It is necessary to make the hole bottom for contacting the transducer, and two opposite posudku ceramic "pass" for the fluid.If the pump is connected thereto, the fluid can automate the upgrade process.It is located at the bottom of the radiator, there may be several, may be placed on the sides of the bath.By connecting the transmitter and generator, it is necessary to fill the container, the liquid cleaner and then turn on the network.The transmitter has to be strong and to compensate for possible surges.For this device suitable for sensitive equipment used in teleatele and repairing computers.

application of ultrasonic baths for cleaning the items you can see in the following video.

Use and Care

When working with Us- bath should be remembered:

  • device operation can take place only in the presence of liquid.Running empty the bath lead to damage.For this reason, you need to monitor the level of liquid.But leave the appliance working or can not be connected to the network: in addition to a power surge is a danger in the form of liquid evaporation.To extend the life of connected ultrasonic bath cleaner directly manipulated.
  • If the bath-disinfectors used fluid, the heater should be off the function.Many of these compounds contain chlorine, dangerous for inhalation and safe in liquid form.
  • Since ultrasonic bath using liquid reagents, after cleaning requires rinsing.It can be carried out in the unit container, in a separate tank (bowl or sink) or purified tap water, with a special compound.To include purified treated by chemicals and active ions or distilled water.

In the following video you can see the process of caring for the ultrasonic bath.

What fluid to use?

Liquids complement the action of ultrasound, and thus divided by areas of application:

  • of washing liquid (Vega, Lyra, Zestron-FA) alcohol-based approach for workshops, cleaning boards and plates.
  • Universal cleaners and profile different in their composition (alkaline water), in its composition has a surfactant.For example, "Metal Cleaner OM / KM" suited for garages, cleaner TM Fly №2 - in jewelry stores, but the cleaner TM RemSkal 30 Special for silverware use experts, and possibly domestic use, cleaner TM RemRad water-based- repair of office equipment
  • Shampoos concentrates carefully refers to the surface, remove the static electricity.Kreolan used for cleaning and disinfection in dentistry, medicine, optics and jewelry.Economy - a universal remedy.

differ in concentrations of substances and their packaging 0.15 - 5 liters.

Liquid for ultrasonic baths
Liquid for ultrasonic baths


for commerce (cosmetology, dentistry, and jewelry repair shops) ultrasonic bath is necessary.Carefully read the instructions of the device and the auxiliary liquid.Important working concentration, the presence of odor and impact on the material.Also, different fluids may have different duration of exposure, so the stages of the purification process is necessary at times to pick up on their own.

cleaning procedure is not a substitute for full sterilization, and a processing stage, so it is impossible to ignore the recommendations of SanPiN.

ultrasonic bath - is a good example of the domestication of scientific achievements for domestic use, but like any electrical appliance requires the attention and respect.This is the secret of a successful application.