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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to remove the paint from the walls in the bathroom : a spatula , hatchet , hammer , sander , grinder , hammer , remove chemical agents , acrylic and latex paint

Paint the walls in the bathroom
  • Mechanical methods
    • spatula
    • Axe or kirochka mason
    • hammer and chisel
    • sander, grinder or hammer
  • Chemicals
    • Organic solvents
    • mixture of soda ashand quicklime
  • thermal method
  • Removing latex paint
  • Removing acrylic

There are several ways of finishing the walls in the bathroom, the most popular of which is ceramic tile.However, whatever the finishing material you choose, at the beginning of the repair before you get up a difficult task - removing the old finish coat.

Buyers of apartments in new buildings, handed "turnkey" often become owners of the bathroom, carefully painted a neutral color vodoemulsionkoy.Those who have bought an apartment in the house of the old buildings are often faced with a serious problem - walls covered with multiple layers of long-standing paint.

learn how to get rid of old coatings and to prepare bathroom walls for the new finish, we describe in detail in this article.

Paint the walls in the bathroom
original wall decoration in the bathroom

Mechanical methods

most basic way - is the removal of old paint by mechanical impact.In other words, the coating can simply scrape or knock down.On the methods of mechanical removal of paints using various available tools, see below.

mechanical method of removing paint from the walls


It is the oldest and simplest method, but it is also the most time consuming.Special training is required, simply cover the surface of all brands in the bath room with oilcloth.In the treatment of the walls with a spatula does not appear too much dust, so to protect the eyes and the respiratory tract there is no need.

One of the advantages of this method is possible to note the availability of tools (spatula can be replaced by a knife or special scraper) and relative quiet.Also, since you will be able to get rid of paint everywhere, even in the corners and narrow piers.

removal of paint from the walls with a spatula
painted walls in the bathroom

spatula with a chisel

If the paint is applied to the wall of a thin layer, in addition, the coating is so old or of poor quality, that it starts to fall off by itself, you can get ridfrom him with the help of only a spatula and chisel.

Provided that the paint has started to peel, you will cope with the task quickly.You just need to scrape away the coating from the wall of translational movements.Wherein the noise is minimal, and the amount of dust - is very small.

Removing paint with a chisel

Axe or kirochka mason

These tools should be used, if you got a room whose walls are covered in several thick layers of paint.Axe thus should be small and not very sharp - so that work was more or less safe with him.Kirk is a tool of the mason on a wooden handle with a metal tip, one side of which is blunt, and the second one - pointed.

first across the wall is necessary to make a notch with an ax or sharp end of the pickaxe.The more cuts, and the smaller the distance between them, the easier it will then clean off the paint.Noise from these instruments will be much more, but it will go faster than with a spatula.

peeling paint
Paint removal from the ax walls

few professional tips on how to use an ax paint strippers are contained in this video:

hammer and chisel

This decision- one of the most obvious, is suitable for removing a single layer or a multilayer coating.Hammer need the most ordinary, not too heavy, so the hand does not get tired.Experts advise to be reserved by several types of chisels, as from time to time the tool is blunt.Also, you may need sharpening device.

Working with chisel and hammer would be quite time-consuming, since only a few square centimeters of paint can be removed with a single blow.First chisel leans against the wall, then gently hit it with a hammer.Noise will be enough, but the dust - very little, as the paint with this method flies into thin slices.

how to use a hammer and chisel

sander, grinder or hammer

Use of the power - it is a modern solution.Noise and dust will, of course, much more than when working with hand tools, but also with the task you can do it much faster.

preferred to remove the paint from the walls using the grinder with a diamond cutter, grinder or punch.The advantage of this method is that it allows you to shoot even paint applied directly on the concrete base.But you are required skills to work with power tools.In addition, large amounts of dust can be a problem, so the work should be in a respirator and special protective glasses.You may also want to wear a hat or scarf, and gloves.

paint stripping using power tools

Removing the old oil paint with the help of power tools, described in the video Alexander Shcherbakov:


Those who do not want to engage in heavy physical work, it may be advisable less time-consumingmethod - by dissolving the dye of various chemicals.Consider some of the most accessible means.

the use of chemical agents

Organic solvents

This type of substances are, for example, acetone or white spirit.It should be remembered that they are far from harmless and can have a strong toxic effect.It is for this reason that at the time of the work in the house should not be pregnant or nursing women, children, allergy sufferers and asthmatics.Those who will remove the paint should take care of the protection of the eyes, respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

solvent is applied to the wall with a roller or wide brush and leave for as long as the paint does not soften.Thereafter, it is removed by a scraper or spatula.If the wall is covered with several layers of paint, each layer is removed separately.At the final stage of the work recommended to wash off from the wall of the solvent residues.

Chemical deinking method
remover for paint

mixture of soda ash and quicklime

solution is to remove the old paint can also be made at home by yourself.To do this you will need one and a half kilograms of lime and half a kilo of soda.Prepare a suitable container, pour into it the two components, then, stirring slowly just blow the water.Stop when the mixture is the consistency resemble liquid sour cream.The resulting mixture

need evenly applied to the wall and leave overnight (at least 12 hours).During this time, the paint will soften and will easily come off from the wall, along with the mixture.

removing old paint from a wall

thermal method

Professional master finishers are often used for quick removal of paint so-called thermal method, which consists in exposing the old topcoat to high temperatures.Heat the paint using a powerful hair dryer building, and shoot - ordinary spatula.

jet of hot air to be directed at an angle;experienced craftsmen manage to simultaneously heat the surface of the hair dryer and work with a spatula.The disadvantage of this method is that it can not be used in areas of the wall where laid wiring.Moreover, when heated dye emits toxic substances which are quite harmful to inhale.

Removing paint thermally
paint removal construction hairdryer

Removing latex paint

latex paint is often used for decoration of walls in rooms with high humidity levels.Despite the fact that the water - one of its main components, remove vodoemulsionku simply wash it with water, it will not work.Please have thoroughly moisten the walls with plenty of warm water, wait until the paint does not soften, and only then proceed to the removal.

well to moisten the wall is more convenient to use a roller.This water should be applied to paint again and again, because it dries very quickly.Soaked paint heavily soiled, so before you start it is recommended to cover the surface of all brands.

addition of water to remove water-based paints can be used as wallpaper glue, paste, or dissolved in water of PVA.

how to remove latex paint
removal of water-based paints

Removing acrylic

If the walls in the bathroom are painted acrylic-based, then with the help of just one to get rid of the water it will not be possible.Acrylic paint can only knock down or scrape.In this case it is better not to moisturize coat and work on a dry surface.

Remove acrylic paint can with large grains of sandpaper or wire brush to ordinary dishes.Remember, the better the paint, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it.If you plan to re-use acrylic paint for the walls, the old paint can not be removed.

means for removing paint from the walls