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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to drain the water from the boiler : tools, step by step guide

How to drain the water from the boiler
  • Cases where necessary draining
  • cases when the water drained you can not
  • Tools Required
  • Step by Step
  • How to drain the water in case of breakage, if the boiler is still under warranty
  • How to get ridodor water
  • Tips for proper operation of the boiler

To provide an apartment or house with hot water boiler is often installed.For the term of service of heater is largely influenced by the tap water.If its rigidity is increased, and a lot of polluting additives, within the boiler is covered with scum.Prevention of damage caused by excessive accumulation of scale is cleaning the inside of the boiler.Merging the water at least once a year, you will prevent contamination of the device and an excessive formation of scale.

also drain the water from the boiler is performed when the house will not be used in the winter, and the water inside the water supply system may freeze.The skilled artisan is able to competently and quickly drain the water heater.But is it possible to perform such a procedure on their own?Yes, if you look at the process in more detail.

Cases where necessary draining

  • often drain water from the boiler is carried out if the device is to be repaired or cleaned. Freed from the water unit weighs much less, so it will be easier to dismantle.Any repairs to the water heater is carried out only with dry tanks, so if have to dismantle PETN or sensors, water is also necessary to drain.
  • Also, besides the task to clean the heating element and the inner surface of the tank, the water is drained in the event of the irregular use of the device. For example, when the boiler is located in a country house, where the owners come only summer holidays or weekends, and in the winter time the unit will remain in the non-heated conditions.In this example, the water is drained without fail, because there is a risk that in a simple boiler ambient temperature is below 5 degrees, that is, the coolant runs the risk of freezing, which can cause tank rupture.
  • also need to drain the water is often motivated by the appearance of an unpleasant smell of water coming out of the device. reason for this smell can be a long simple boiler when it is filled with water, or interruptions in the supply of water when the pipe gets polluted water with a lot of impurities.
Boiler - drain

cases when the water drained you can not

consider the case when empty the boiler should not be:

  • If you need to turn off the boiler for a certain period, but the low temperatures during thedowntime will not be drained out of the unit is not necessary.Leaving in the tank water heater, you protect from early corrosion.In addition, if you are after the return, forgetting himself, turn devastated the device, then run the risk of fire.
  • When the water heater switches off at a certain time, and in stagnant water has become stale and smelly, little need to pour it is not.To upgrade the water quite a few times to type it into the boiler again.These "rinse" the tank is recommended on a regular basis, banishing through the device of about 100 liters of cold water every 2-3 months.
  • can not pour water on their own, if the device is still under warranty.If soon you will need to contact the service for repair or maintenance, warranty deem invalid as soon as the boiler will be revealed traces of your independent action.If the draining is necessary to eliminate the damage, it is best to call the master immediately.Coming to you at home, experts will perform all necessary.

not recommended to drain the water from the heater just. If you just want to see the tank from the inside without special needs, to conduct "training" for the future, or to empty the unit unscheduled better refrain.Equipped manipulation should be carried out only for a specific purpose.

Tools Required

to conduct water from the boiler drain procedure, you must use:

  • or an adjustable spanner wrench;
  • hose to drain;
  • screwdriver (Philips and ordinary)
  • hexagon.

key should be selected based on nuts, restraining valves.

Fixed boiler

Step by Step

Since the boiler is operating at a high pressure device, for draining water is not enough to stop the flow of cold water and opening the hot water tap.You will understand why when you see what principle operates water heater.

Look at the boiler, and you will notice that the device is supplied with two tubes:

  • One of them (usually the right) is a pipe through which water is introduced.As it passes through the cold water, then the tube is typically labeled blue.It has a safety valve with a valve that allows you to change the water pressure, as well as preventing the flow of heated water back into the water network.
  • A second tube is usually marked red, the heated water is supplied from the device to the mixer.If not blocked safety valve on the inlet pipe along with hot water to the mixer cold water fills the tank again.That's because water drain should certainly block the flow of cold water.

Your first important action should be off the appliance. Any electrical appliances repaired only after blackout - an important rule.When you cut off the electricity, heater stops working and the water will gradually cool down.Drain the hot water can not be, so it is best to switch off the current at night, scheduling a discharge of water in the morning, when the temperature of the water will be safe.

morning after overlapping supply water to the safety valve (so you do not give newly recruited water tank), open the hot water at the tap and wait until the heater container empty. valve hot water mixer must remain open until the water stops flowing.

next step is to connect the hose to the machine, which will display water down the drain.This hose must be connected to the drain pipe.In some models, this pipe is missing, then when they are connected over the safety valve mounted cold pipe tee.This tee is one of the outputs is used for mounting the valve with a conventional tap or spout. This valve opens at the end of the drain to get rid of the last traces of water.

How to drain the water from the boiler
How to drain the water from the boiler - a hose to drain water

How to drain the water in case of breakage, if the boiler is still under warranty

If the warranty on the device has not yet expired, perform the discharge of water during its break with their hands can not.

you should contact the company that sold you the boiler and install the device in your home.

To avoid difficulties in determining responsibility for warranty repair, it is better to order the installation of the boiler in the same company, which purchased the appliance.

In any case, planning to clean or repair the water heater warranty, call the professionals who are engaged in the installation of the boiler. works drain the water and repair are carried out on site.

call a specialist inspect the appliance and eliminate the damage (whether he is physically damaged).If the work requires the dismantling of the heater and drain the water, it will deal with the wizard, and you can drain the water out of the machine by yourself only when the warranty period has ended.However, do not forget to visit repairers cut off valve to stop the summing up of cold water to the device, and disconnect the device from the network.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of water

The reason for this is the smell of hydrogen sulfide, which can get inside the boiler with water from common water supply system.Also unpleasant smell gets the water for a long time abiding in the boiler when it is not used, for example, if the owners were away.Another reason can be called a heater owners desire to save money, as they reduce the heating temperature.The device heats the water up to 35-45 degrees, but such temperature conditions contributes to the development of micro-organisms in water, releasing hydrogen sulfide.

To get rid of the water that is stagnant, only enough to perform it is not necessary to drain out of the device several times to complete the new boiler with cold water.

When coming to your water has contaminants, it is advisable to empty the boiler at any simple, and filling it with water again, to enable the maximum temperature mode.

also to get rid of bad smell coming from the water heater can handle its walls 9% vinegar. completely drain the water from the unit and place the heater in the vinegar.

Do not forget about his defense - use gloves, glasses and clothing with long sleeves.

loofah Adding to a long stick, soak it in vinegar and wipe the inside walls of the tank several times.Half an hour later perform the same manipulation only treat the walls are not vinegar and cold water.

Tips for proper operation of the boiler

To boiler you pleased with his work for a long time, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Any manipulation should be carried out only after disconnecting the boiler from the mains.
  2. Going down the water from the boiler, or perform other tasks, read the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.
  3. Before turning on the heater, always make sure that there is water in the tank.
  4. Regularly clean the boiler 1-2 times a year.