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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gold bathroom : design features , color combinations ( 31 photos )

Gold bathroom
  • psychological impact
  • Rules decorating
  • Bath
  • Tiles and accessories
  • combination with other shades
  • Recommendations designers

psychological impact

Since ancient times, gold was considered a jeweland its presence indicates the richness and abundance. Psychologists say that the gold color, expresses a sense of warmth, sunlight Lights, wisdom, and glory. In our subconscious inherent perception of gold as a symbol of abundance of the universe.Therefore, despite the fact that there are more precious metals, gold is still the desirable luxury.

The original bathroom with golden scales

In times of antiquity and the Renaissance, the golden color was very popular in the design and creation of the interior.And in our time gold color has not lost its appeal, so designers often use it in their work.

Bathroom Gold

in bathroom design, gold is rarely used, but in the right hands golden bathroom can be a wonderful and magical place for relaxation and recreation. What could learn a bit about the design of the golden bathroom, look at the rules of decoration and design advice.

gold interior bathroom
Golden mosaic in the bathroom
Gold in the bathroom

Rules decorating

decor in gold color, is the choice for people who like refinement.

Designers are advised:

  • apply the golden color in bright and spacious bathrooms.A large amount of light can reveal a gold luster and beauty;
  • desirable that the main room was a bright background;
  • perhaps the most important rule is the "sense of proportion";
  • that would bathroom did not look pompous and tasteless, designers offer to use the rule of harmony in dealing with golden color.The combination of PLN details and basic background should not exceed a ratio of 3: 1;
  • style unity, must be respected everywhere and always.
Gold finishing in the large bathroom
Gold finishing in the bright bathroom
Bathroom design with gold
Bathroom design in gold
Gold bathroom
Black and gold mosaic bathroom

to the bathroom in a minimalist style and high-tech, goldcolor and detail are used very rarely.In other cases, the nobility of gold combined with modern materials, an excellent solution for bathroom design.Gold requires special attention to yourself, and to finish the basic background.

pastel and bright colors very well with gold, as they perfectly emphasize its shine, which creates a sense of increasing the space. important that gold pieces was too much.

Golden accessories in the bathroom


Surprisingly, gold bathrooms really exist.Usually, they are made to order, and they are suitable for large bathrooms.The modern bathroom fit perfectly white bath with gold elements, for example with mixers and gold trim colors.

Gold bath
Bath with golden mosaics
Bath in gold

Tiles and accessories

If you want gold bathroom, a perfect solution can be tiled finish for gold. most commonly used bar of gold color only partially. It may be near a mirror finish, flag curb or an elegant addition to the combination of other colors.Effectively it looks in the bathroom one wall, a tiled gold.

Golden tile border

Professional designers often use vertical or horizontal strips of tile that would visually divide the room into zones. Gold small tiles look great in the form of patterns, small mosaics and ornaments.

Gold tile is recommended to combine with accessories and additions of the same color, for example, curtains with gold trim, mirror frame, fixtures, hangers, handles, cups and various other trifles.

Golden pattern on the tile
Strips of gold in the bathroom
gold accessories in the bathroom
Horizontal golden tiles
Gold in white tub

combination with other shades

the perfect color to match the gold is bright, pastel.Soft, light, tone, allow the gold to shine and reflect its sunny, warm energy.

gold color also goes with chocolate, and terracotta colors .Very mysterious and exquisite combination of black and gold.However, black and gold design is only suitable for large premises.

For combination with gold trim and accessories are good cherry, violet, emerald and turquoise colors. of gold will look great bright glossy ceiling, walls, combined in different colors and materials, furniture and floors of dark tones.

Stylish bathroom with gold
Yellow bathroom with gold
The combination of gold and chocolate color
The combination of gold and black
In conjunction with the red
Golden wall in the bathroom
Green bathroom with gold
Terracotta bathroom with gold
Blue bathroom with gold

designers Recommendations

designers are advised:

  • be careful with the golden color.The main sense of proportion in all;
  • very important to see a complete picture of the bathroom.Much depends on the size of the space, on the amount and type of general lighting atmosphere;
  • a total dark background, gold should not be much.If a lot of gold, it is necessary that the room would be the appropriate color;
  • accessories and decor is to choose, to think in advance of their combination with the design as a whole.