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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom : for wall and ceiling , the instruction (15 photos )

Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom
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  • assembly and installation instructions

Modern manufacturers of equipment and accessories for the home offer a variety of optionssolve the problem of drying laundry in a city apartment.Therefore, more and more rarely in the courts can be seen waving in the wind sheets and duvet covers, and on the balconies - symmetrical rows of T-shirts and socks.There is no need to pull in the nooks apartments or clothesline to dry clothes outdoors on public display.

Devices for drying clothes are available in different variations.The most popular - it's wall, floor and ceiling structures.In this article we describe in detail about the dryer, which must be mounted on the ceiling: talk about their advantages and disadvantages, give advice on the selection and installation recommendations.

Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom


  • Ceiling designs can be adjusted in length, which is very important if your bathroom is small.
  • Tumble Dryers, which are attached to the ceiling, are among the most spacious - they can be dried, not only clothing, but also the bedding, blankets, furniture covers, etc.
  • Ceiling model kept quite a lot of weight.Depending on the number of holders, such a dryer can be placed from 5 to 20 kg of washed clothes.
  • If the bathroom space on the floor or on the walls there is not always the ceiling usually is not otherwise engaged.Therefore ceiling dryers are suitable for most small and cluttered spaces.
  • Placed on the bathroom dryer quite striking.And if you still want to hide from prying wash, simply push the shutter bath.
  • known that warm indoor air rises.Thus, the higher is the dryer, the laundry will dry more quickly.
  • Ceiling fixtures Dryer have a low price.
Benefits ceiling clothes dryers in the bathroom
Benefits ceiling clothes dryers in the bathroom


  • The biggest disadvantage of this species is considered to be clothes dryers need for installation.If the floor structure to unpack and put in your desired location, then the installation of the ceiling of the dryer will have to tinker.In addition to fasteners, bundled with the device, you'll need a drill or a hammer - to make a few holes in the wall.
  • second drawback ceiling linen dryers connected with the peculiarities of the material used.Manufacturers offer two options - aluminum and stainless steel.Aluminium constructions are cheaper and have less weight, but they are less durable.In addition, these dryers can be left on your laundry indelible stains.Linen dryers made of stainless steel more durable and completely safe for clothes, but they are much more expensive.
Ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom


Ceiling dryers differ mainly on the type.Depending on the mechanism of ceiling fixtures for drying clothes can be:

  • stationary - dryers, which are the traditional rope designs that are attached to the ceiling with two brackets;
  • telescopic - dryers, equipped with sliding metal holders that can be adjusted in length;
  • sliding - such dryers is called cantilever or "accordion", they are attached to the ceiling on the folding panel, with which you can change the height of the location of the device;
  • wall and ceiling - the most popular of these models is called "Liana";it is attached in two planes simultaneously - in the ceiling and on a wall;this design is very easy to use: to hang the laundry, we can simply omit the brackets to the desired level, and then a slight movement to raise them with hanging laundry.
Ceiling fixed tumble dryer in the bathroom
Ceiling telescopic clothes dryer in the bathroom
Потолочные раздвижные сушилки "гармошки" для белья в ванную
Wall and ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom


Ceiling fixtures Dryer most suitable for installation in small bathrooms. Find a place for the installation of a dryer is not difficult, because usually the ceiling above the bath is not otherwise engaged as lighting fixtures should be placed as far away from water sources.

important factor that should be considered for those who want to buy ceiling drying laundry - is the impossibility of mounting tension ceiling.Therefore, if your bathroom is already installed ceilings, select the floor or wall mounted dryer.If the installation of suspended ceilings is only planned for the future - to set the ceiling dryer can be, but it will take to lay the fasteners in advance, before the workers start to pull the canvas.

Features ceiling clothes dryers in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

on the market of products for the house constantly appear more and more new models of clothes dryers.Functional they remain the same, but change the materials of manufacture and installation methods.

When choosing a dryer are targeting on the most important parameters:

  • manufacturing material - depends on the strength and durability of the product;
  • design - it needs to be selected on the basis of the features of the room and how often you will use the dryer;
  • maximum weight that can withstand drier;
  • presence of additional features - for example, adjust the length and height, lowering and lifting mechanism, the compounds all holders of laundry in a single bar for drying heavy or stiff things, etc.
Tips for choosing the ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom


Modern ceiling clothes dryer can be installed anywhere in the apartment, not only in the bathroom. For example, owners of spacious hallways sometimes prefer to place the dryer there. In any case, the choice of the place of installation due to the peculiarities of the dryer design.Thus, the wall and ceiling of the dryer can be installed only in a corner of the room.

Choosing a place for the installation of the ceiling clothesline dryer, check to see whether the hanging underwear get in the way when you take a bath or brushing your teeth?Do not overlap the dryer access to plumbing fixtures, furniture and doors?Having defined the placement, you can begin the installation.

Placing ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom
Location ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom

Assembly instructions and installation

Collect ceiling tumble dryer must be in strict accordance with the instructions.Even when purchasing check the presence and integrity of all parts, including fasteners.

Most models are mounted on brackets, so it is usually the installation begins with fitting bracket to the installation and application of the markup wall.Then, in accordance with the markings in the wall of bore holes in which to insert the plastic tabs.Then gathered dryer mounted on brackets.Adjust the dryer after the installation - set the optimum height, length, and the distance between the holders.

Installation of ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom
Installing ceiling clothes dryer in the bathroom