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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shelves in the bathroom : corner , with a mirror , glass , plastic .Doing their own hands

Shelves in the bathroom
  • How to choose
  • required minimum
  • Corner
  • decorate the interior
  • Materials
    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • Glass
    • Wooden
  • Types shelves in form and design
    • mounted
    • Floor
    • Corner
    • Built-in wall
  • options mounting
  • Independent installation
  • Production shelves with their hands

Bathroom has a special place in every person's life, after all, and it starts off her dayends.Therefore, everyone is trying to create a special atmosphere in the bathroom of comfort, beauty and comfort.Before repair facilities should review the logs on the design, to visit some of the sites for the creation of interior design.In normal space bathroom apartments can not boast a large size.In this situation, many are beginning to think about how to make the bath room is not only beautiful and original, but also functional.To accommodate all the necessary hygiene items in a small space of the bathroom, you should consider the availability of storage spaces and shelves.Namely of: shape, color, material, and type of attachment.And then the bathroom will be harmonious and cozy.

Built-in shelves in the bathroom

How to choose

in furniture stores today have a huge variety of shelves, many of them are perfect for the bathroom.Their presence in the room allows you to use the space efficiently.In fashion magazines that specialize in the creation of interiors, as well as on various websites on the Internet you can find a lot of photos, they are presented with different versions shelves with a detailed description.They can be built into the mirror, and even heated towel rails.

Shelves with mirror

Depending on the style and design of the entire premises can buy or make your own shelf of wood, plastic, glass or metal.Before selecting shelves necessary to determine the interior bathroom shelves harmoniously to complement it.Put the shelf can also be different: preferably fastened hinged shelf near the mirror and in the places where it is necessary to make the items were always "at hand".

Suspended glass shelves

not block attachments, open shelves.They should be only the essentials and items and accessories that will emphasize the style of the bathroom.Note that even ordinary towels and toilet paper can become an ornament to the sanitary unit.One has only to dream a little!

Wall shelves in the bathroom of the baskets

shelf placement in the corners greatly save space, so they are an excellent choice for small bathrooms.The shelves are placed in the shower or just above the bath to have a comfortable access to hygiene facilities while taking water treatments.

Corner shelves for the soul

required minimum

Before probresti shelves for the bathroom interior, you must decide what shape and material of manufacture preferred.

mention only some of the options and modify the shelves for the bathroom:

  • shelf under the sink or a bathtub;
  • cabinets with shelves open or closed;
  • shelf or mounted on the floor;
  • fixed or removable shelves;
  • shelves made of wood, metal, glass, or plastic.
Floor or hanging shelves for the bathroom in the interior
Wooden shelves in the bathroom

As for the built-in shelves, they create brick or drywall.Therefore, even if repairs need to think about this kind of shelves and create a framework that will be faced with, along with the rest of the walls.

main advantages installing stationary shelves:

  • created an ergonomic space in niches or openings where, for whatever reason can not be placed hanging shelves;
  • they are strong and can not be exposed to moisture;
  • they are issued together with the room and the walls are decorated with any interior, giving the fashionable accents the room;
  • them easy to store different items and bathroom accessories.

To the bath was neat and hygiene products and other essential items have always been in place, a great option for keeping their lockers will be closed.They can accommodate a lot of different items that are very much needed in the bathroom, but they are intimate or do not fit into the room decor and hide them from prying eyes.

Built-in shelves in a small bathroom
Shelves in bath mixer
Closed cabinets for bathroom


Corner shelves are very useful for the bathroom, because they have many advantages:

  • help save room space- they generally take the place that would be empty;
  • are available in a huge range and are made of different materials;
  • become an element of decorating a bathroom.
Corner glass shelf

decorate the interior

Shelves in the bathroom make space not only functional, but comfortable, and complete, emphasizing the selected style interior.

The shelves and mirror wrought

For small sized rooms shelves are a necessary part, they allow you to make the room visually more spacious and thus will be able to store a lot of different items that are needed in the bathroom.

small tip on the rails and shelves holders will help to create a special atmosphere, because they have a huge variety of colors and different shapes.To create a special design of the room, you can use painted by the glass, which is highlighted with original fixtures.

Corner shelves are mainly used for storing bathroom accessories, but can be put on the shelf decoration.For example, interesting statues, scented candles in decorated candlesticks, different compositions created with their own hands.Decorate bathroom can be all sorts of stuff, it all depends on your imagination.


In modern construction and furniture stores, you can find a shelf for every taste, for a list of materials from which they are made very large.Before making a purchase, you must consider where it will be mounted regiment.

The choice of material depends on how often the regiment will have contact with water or steam.For example, shelves of wood is not recommended to mount near the sink or bath, from the constant exposure to water or steam, they can come in unsuitability.Not to worry about the high humidity in the bathroom is better to use glass or plastic shelves.

Plastic shelf in the bathroom

So, shelves produced mainly from:


Shelves made of plastic are the most popular, because a variety of shapes, color palette and size allow us to find the ideal model for the selected interiorvannogo premises.Plastic shelves will help highlight the selected style, or place the bright color accents.

Care of plastic shelves will not bring too much trouble, because they are very easy to clean and wipe off any dirt or dust.Another advantage of these shelves is a low cost, reliability and long service life.

Plastic shelves for bathroom


Metal shelves are stylish appearance, so will be a beautiful decoration in an interior bathroom.Also it is necessary to take into account that the metal has a high strength and not break under the weight of heavy objects, but these shelves have one major drawback - on the metal plaque formed rust from high humidity or constant contact with water.

also after water splashing white spots may appear in this material, which will have to constantly remove.If you chose all the same on a metal shelf, then place it away from water.

installation of shelves - ideal for a bath in the style of hi-tech, nickel and chrome shelves perfectly proven in use in bathrooms, to look after them a little harder than plastic.Forged shelves will look spectacular in the bathroom in the style of Provence, or country.

Shelf metal in bathroom


Glass shelves become a beautiful accessory for the bathroom in any style and bring the lightness of the room and does not clutter the space.Bathroom will be much brighter and more colorful.

But glass has several disadvantages, which should be considered when buying:

  • Firstly, the glass is not capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Secondly, after the water dry spots remain, so clean glass shelves should be done practically after each water procedures, but does not take care of you a lot of time and effort.
Glass shelves in interior bathroom


Tree - the oldest material for making shelves.Well-treated or painted wood for many years will serve their owners.Before buying a wooden shelf, make sure that it was qualitatively treated and protected against moisture and should check how well the ventilation in the bathroom.

Buyers acquire shelves made of wood because they are very stylish element of the decor, and the room becomes a cozy and soothing.Shelves of wood will help to dilute the cool colors of ceramic tiles, the room will be warm and inviting.

Caring for shelves simple, but they do not like exposure to harsh chemicals and abrasives.When care is better to use a damp soft cloth.

in the style of En Provence

Another type of shelves are marble, but they do not use popular because of the high cost, complexity of installation and much weight.Most often, if such shelves are needed in the interior marble was replaced with artificial stone, which is often used for the production of table tops under the sink.

Bathroom marble

Types shelves in form and design

When buying shelves should immediately think about the functionality and harmony with the chosen design of the bathroom, but special emphasis should be placed on a convenient location shelves.Therefore, you must first measure the space where you plan to mount or install shelves, because there is a possibility that improper placement will cause inconvenience when using a sink or become an obstacle to the opening of the cabinet, or interfere with the free movement on the bathroom.

Shelves for bathroom

Depending on the site of attachment of all the shelves are divided into these types:


Using hinged shelves has many advantages, but there is one drawback - they occupy a lot of space.Therefore, suspended shelves rarely used for small bathroom spaces.If you still use hanging shelves in small rooms, it is necessary to consider first where to place it so that it does not interfere.

For example, the best place would be the attachment of a stylish machine or at the free wall above the bathtub.Depending on accessories and items to be stored on it, the choice of mounting height produce.If the shelf is designed to hold shampoo, shower gel and other hygiene products, then it should not be fastened high to sitting in the bathroom you feel comfortable taking the necessary means.

If a shelf to store towels or boxes, then it should be placed on the mezzanine level, to avoid the ingress of water.

different materials are used to create a hinged shelves.They are suitable for any style of bathroom, because the lineup is amazing in its diversity.Behind the idea of ​​hanging shelves can turn to magazines about design, which presents the most original and unique options.

Wall shelves in the shower

Shelves can be massive and wide, then on them convenient to store towels or bathrobes.Narrow small shelves are perfect for accommodation of shampoo, creams, and even household chemicals.To create original decoration in the bathroom can help small shelf on which to put a vase of flowers or a special scented candles.

The shelves above the toilet


FLOOR shelf should only be used in large rooms, because it occupies a lot of space.It should be regarded as furniture with many advantages.

Usually shelves for sex may be different in height and overall dimensions.On the lower shelves can store clean clothes and use a top hygiene.The best location of the shelves on the floor near a sink or bath to easily get the desired object or tool.

There is another kind - corner interior shelves that help save a lot of space in the bathroom and can store a large number of items.

Floor shelves in the bathroom


Corner shelf - a very popular form of shelves for the bathroom, thanks to the functionality and the convenient location.Often angle space is not in use, using them in an empty corner you can put a lot of things in rows and create order in the room.

Basically, they are fixed in the near corner of the bath in order to easily extract the necessary hygiene during water treatment.In other corners of the shelves you can store things, because the possibility of getting water is minimal or use them to decorate the bathroom.Corner shelf will always be appropriate in a small room.

Corner shelves in the interior

Built-in wall

Built-in wall shelves are easy and original idea for the bathroom.Engage in the preparation of places for this kind of shelves, as well as its installation should only be professionals.After all, this is a complex and time-consuming process that can qualitatively perform every so yourself better not do this.

You can create a drawing that professionals smog translate your idea into practice.

Shelves in the niche

mounting options

The most common and proven method is to mount the shelves with dowels or screws.Before you proceed directly to the installation, you need to prepare.For drilling holes for fasteners, you must first carry out work on the layout and to calculation of all attachment points.

When working, use the installation instructions with a detailed description and with the help of drawings or photographs explained the installation and workflow process.Mounted in this way will last a long shelf and withstand a lot of weight items that will be on it.

Mounting the shelves in the bathroom

For small shelves, which will be located near the bath, you can use another type of fastening - on suckers.To attach the shelf, require a minimum of effort and time, but also do not need to make preliminary calculations.Fixing with suction cups will not be able to withstand heavy objects.Therefore, on the shelf with the bracket can be placed relatively light items: shampoo, shower gel, soap and other hygiene products.

Shelves on suckers Garbo

Independent installation

tell about installing shelves on suckers makes no sense - it can make even a child.Therefore, we consider the option to install a corner hinged shelves. To do this you will need:

  • drill
  • screws
  • level.