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August 12, 2017 18:06

Summer kitchen with his hands.Instructions for building

Article Contents:

  • 1 Summer kitchen brick barbecue with his hands
    • 1.1 Building basement summer kitchen
    • 1.2 Materials and tools
    • 1.3 How to lay concrete
    • 1.4 Building barbecue oven Gudkov
  • 2 Summer kitchen in the country with their own hands.Step by step instructions
    • 2.1 foundation construction
    • 2.2 Masonry housing
    • 2.3 Installation countertops
    • 2.4 furnace Choice for summer kitchen
    • 2.5 roof summer kitchen
  • 3 Designfinishes summer kitchen
  • 4 Photo summer kitchen


summer kitchen brick barbecue with his hands

Special aroma and appetizing appearance of dishes cooked on barbecue, appreciate both adults and children.To give you can buy a factory designed to allow to cook on the grill, but built of brick summer kitchen with barbecue oven can serve not only as a device for frying meat and fish, but also become the central figure of the villa zones of rest.

present our oven-barbecue E. Gudkov, which can be build with their own hands.It combines all the advantages of the grill and hob with hob.Using the detailed instructions, which are drawings and poryadovkoy, to lay down such an oven with his own will be very difficult.



furnace project for a summer kitchen.Photo

Building basement summer kitchen

proposed to repeat the design has an impressive weight, so the arrangement necessarily a good reason for it.To build a foundation slab, need concrete, reinforced with a metal grid.

Materials and tools

Our structure is not so liable to use upscale and expensive mixes, so it will be enough M200 brand of concrete.To make it, you can use the following ratio of materials:

  • 1 ch.- cement grade 400;
  • 4 hours - gravel or coarse gravel (30 mm fraction).;
  • 2 h. - A major river sand.


Make sure that the content of impurities in the sand does not exceed 10 parts from its scope and in the rubble - the value of 2%.

Using the proposed proportion of consumption will require the following building materials 1 cu.. M of concrete:

  • Cement M400 - 325 kg;
  • Sand - 1.3 m
  • Rubble - 1.3 m
  • water - 205 liters.

need to strengthen the foundation of the grid frame class A3 rebar.Getting layout of a base to the future size of the furnace is added to 20 cm on each side.With dimensions of 1.4 × facilities 1m mark a foundation the size of 1.6 × 1.2 m.


project basement summer kitchen.Photo

Getting pouring the base, prepare:

  • narrow, round and square ram;
  • scraper, trowel, poluterok;
  • probe to remove air bubbles from the mixture;
  • shovels and soil solution;
  • trowel;
  • board for finishing the surface of the lining.


Summer kitchen with his hands.Step by step instructions

How to lay concrete

In order to build a strong foundation, necessarily have to take into account the peculiarities of soil at the site.Water-saturated, swelling, peat and other specific primers require additional strengthening to the arrangement of the base for the stove.


To mark foundation, enough to drive the pegs in the ground, check the diagonal and pull cord.At the same dimensions of the pit under the foundation slab should correspond to its size (in our case 1.6 × 1.2 m).Since the building is intended for outdoor use, the ground under its base in winter will freeze and thaw.Therefore, in some cases, you may need to sand cushion thickness of up to 1 m.


right to the regeneration of the sandy bottom of the cushion and the pit wall to protect the geotextile , which will prevent erosion of the base of groundwater.Tamping is carried out in several stages.To do this, every 10-15 cm pour the sand, which, after further seal shed water.

In order to waterproofing and concrete in order to avoid leaks in the sand, in the appropriate place is laid two layers of roofing material .Next, the contour of the hole every 0.5 m drive in racks for shuttering boards and attach them to lights.Krepjat and moisturize the formwork.

Before pouring concrete reinforcement perform installation , for which at a height of 20-30 mm from the bottom of the grid is set for the entire foundation surface.Then, with the help of vertical jumpers on the minimum distance of 20 mm from the upper surface of the foundation plate set a second reinforcing belt.

Concrete trying to fill and compacted at a time.In this case, the solidity of the structure and some concrete hardening period will be provided.


obligatory condition is to maintain high-quality concrete optimal humidity, so the foundation sheltering tarpaulin .After 3 - 4 hours after pouring on the surface of the base of the furnace is filled with sawdust or sand.Concrete moistened with water for 1 - 2 weeks until the foundation not grasp completely.

Experts do not recommend to carry out concrete work at temperatures below + 5 ° C.If, however, in this there is a need, it insulated concrete to make the process of setting uniform.

Building barbecue oven Gudkov

For the construction of the furnace body need Fireclay refractory or red clay brick in the amount of 465 pieces.The refractory material is preferable since it easily withstands elevated temperatures.If you decide to use a conventional ceramic brick, then make sure that the material was qualitatively burned.Cracks, voids, insufficient roasting unacceptable.Not suitable for barbecue and oven silica brick.


is also required to prepare the following details of the oven:

  • cooker hob with one ring stove the size of 500 × 420 mm;
  • grille 500 × 420 mm for the barbecue;
  • metal sheet 600 × 500 mm;
  • door soot 140 × 140 mm;
  • door for ash 140 × 270 mm;
  • loading door 270 × 250 mm;
  • grate 300 × 200 mm;
  • Area metal shelves with a 32 mm long, 4 mm - 4 pcs.500 mm and 6 pcs.600 mm;
  • OE2mm steel wire - 10 m;
  • asbestos cord OE5 mm - 10 m.


solution for masonry

brick in the construction of the furnace stack on a clay-sand mortar, using plastic varieties of red clay and coarse sand, screened on a sieve.The ratio of the materials selected, depending on the fat content of the clay:

  • added for 1 hour fatty clay - 2.5 hr sand;..
  • 1 hour average clay - 1.5 parts sand.;.
  • for lean clay - the ratio of 1: 1.

determine the degree of fat clay can be content in it sand:

  • from 2 to 4% - fat;
  • to 15% - average;
  • 30% - skinny.


To prepare the working mixture, clay soaked for 1 day, and then gradually stir, add sand to it.To prepare the solution, you can use special high-mix prefabricated, which can be found in the trade network.

furnace housing

begin work on the stove with the best facilities of a temporary shelter , under which it will be possible to work in any weather.To avoid errors during installation, the structure of the body can be laid dry.

Construction begins with moistening brick.Red ceramic brick is lowered by one or two minutes in the water, and fireclay - rinse the dust.

stacking bricks to perform ligation joints in a half-brick, observing the thick seams of 3 to 5 mm (smaller value - for refractory material).It is important that chips and cracks on the surface were not converted into the working chamber or flue.

As laying need to install the furnace equipment.To ensure the reliability of the design, the metal parts furnace secure the wire, which is embedded in the masonry.Since the ceramics and metal expands when heated differently necessarily make thermal gap 3 - 5 mm, which is subsequently eliminated by means of asbestos cord.













After will be fully displayed the level of the combustion chamber, on the corners of the grille-mounted metal grill or burners stove .






Metal corners as a support and used in the regeneration of the arch.Flue dimensions may be 270 mm × 140, 270 × 270 × 400 mm and 140 mm.To reduce the formation of soot on the inner walls of the chimney, they plaster.

To finish the barbecue oven used plastering, pasting tiles, or tiles, as well as simple grouting.


After a summer kitchen with a barbecue will be built, do not rush to test the oven on full power.To avoid cracking, it is necessary to heat the furnace of firewood in small portions throughout the week.

Summer kitchen in the country with their own hands.Step by step instructions

Offered summer kitchen design combines a cooking stove, a small Russian oven and work surfaces, providing additional convenience in the cooking process.Installed under the canopy of the boards or polycarbonate, open kitchen will assume all responsibilities for the preparation of various dishes and zakatok in summer.


summer kitchen project.Photo

Basic materials that will be needed for construction:

  • cinder blocks;
  • red or fireclay bricks;
  • finishing materials;
  • formwork.


Choosing a place for future construction, start compiling drawings and calculations of the amount of materials.Presented below step by step guide will help organize all stages of the construction of a summer kitchen.


foundation for a summer kitchen.Photo

foundation construction

mark the hole for the foundation with the help of pegs and string, start excavation works.Reaching a depth of excavation of 35 cm, it strengthens the walls with boards of formwork and the bottom is filled 5-centimeter layer of gravel and compacted.


equip double layer Laying nets of metal mesh and vertical steel rods.Keep an eye on the fact that the valve does not touch the boards, and after pouring was protected by a layer of concrete at least 20 mm thick.


After pouring the concrete is compacted screeds , cover with foil and leave for 2 weeks to complete the setting.


Summer kitchen with his hands.Step by step instructions

Masonry housing

Laying begin with the angle, constantly monitoring the geometry of rows and angles using a level and plumb.


To perform offset rows on a half-brick, masonry second row start vperevyazku.


Having two rows, equip ash pit, mounted his door in the front wall.The space above the ceiling of the working set podduvalom grate and one row above - the furnace door.The very low combustion zone make, one or two rows of bricks above the feed opening, otherwise the flames will not reach up to the plate with the ring stove.

furnace housing are building to a height convenient for the further operation.


Summer kitchen in the country with their own hands.Photo

After the masonry joints fill with a solution and smooth float.

Installation countertops


Construction work surface start with the laying of the supporting rods steel reinforcement.They assemble the formwork, which is poured concrete.


After setting concrete countertop trim fieldstone, carefully aligning the fragments and the gap between them.At the final stage, a summer kitchen wall plaster or veneer heat-resistant surfacing materials.

Choice oven summer kitchen

course, summer kitchen can be installed an electric hot plate or gas stove, running from the cylinder of liquefied gas, however, a truly delicious obtained in this wood-burning stove.In carefully heated space miniature Russian oven can cook hot dishes in the oven or Kazankov surprisingly flavorful pies and pizza.

learn how to put the oven on a summer kitchen, a lot of articles written.In our design we use the most simple scheme of the Russian stove.For its construction is performed semi-circular arch with side channel, which is output in a common chimney.


oven summer kitchen with his hands.Photo







How do kiln for summer kitchen.Photo











Exterior cladding wood-burning fireplace can make sandstone, carefully adjusting trim pieces to each other.After that, the seams are filled with a solution and smooth with a spatula and trowel.










roof summerkitchen

After the furnace will be equipped and working area, proceed to the arrangement of the roof of a summer kitchen.To sustain the style in which the proposed construction built with wood burning stove, it is best to make a gable roof.


roof summer kitchen with his hands.Photo





To do this around the workspace establish a framework of wooden beams of at least 100 × 100 mm, and then make the overlap of wooden planks, metal or othermaterials.

design and finishes the summer kitchen

Equipping summer kitchen, it would be desirable to obtain not only the functionality and convenience of the open work area, but also a beautiful building, seasoned in the style of the other buildings and the suburban area of ​​buildings.The kitchen, located not far from home, can be placed on the large veranda adjacent to one of the inputs.The well-equipped barbecue area eliminates the need to install a portable barbecue.Around the summer kitchen are planted ornamental plants and shrubs.If there is a need for shade structures that use various arches and props.Pergola, installed near the summer kitchen, give the necessary shade on hot days and create a nook for relaxing conversations and get-togethers with friends.