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August 12, 2017 18:08

Clay plaster - a return to natural materials

clay plaster.Advantages of natural material

Plastered clay solves two important issues for tenants: first, the use of natural material, which is literally under our feet, significantly reduces the cost of repairs, and secondly, the clay - a natural hygroscopic material, popular since ancient timesthanks to its ecological properties.Find

clay simply because it is recycled during the life of plants hardwoods, which form one of the upper layers of the earth, usually located at a depth of 1-1.5 m. If you do not have the opportunity to dig a pit on the site, you can hireWe are working to control and took the clay in place.

Plaster clay can be both inside and outside the premises.These repair and finishing works differ only in nuances: if the interior walls is enough to cover a layer of clay plaster finish and paint with latex paint, for the exterior finish on the basis of clay must be protected from moisture, which can destroy the surface layer fast enough, should thisadditionally cover the walls with a thin layer of cement or paint waterproof paint.

Plastered clay mortar.Determine the plasticity of clay, the composition of the working test

Do not think that you will literally, clay plaster walls.No, to achieve high performance protective walls and longer between overhauls need a balanced composition of clay and sand, which reduces its plasticity and fiber - filled element of natural or artificial origin.This recipe is the know-how of many repair craftsmen, some of them are used as fiber hay or chopped straw, others - wool or a substitute (polypropylene), and others - are added sawdust.

As practice shows, clay plaster solution containing dust - is the best protection for walls.Of course, matters which are part of the sawdust: allowed to use pine and alder, but showed itself most effectively oak chips.The unique structure of wood finishing materials adds strength modern artificial analogues, but retains all the hygroscopic properties of the natural finishing.Experienced repairers who prefer natural materials, confirm that such a plaster retains its visual and protective properties of up to 10 years.

But before you begin kneading of the solution, you need to get a clay figure and its plasticity.The presence of moisture and oily impurities makes the material more ductile and ensures cracking after drying the solution.To exclude this possibility to apply different ratio of sand and fiber - in the range of 50-80% of the amount of clay.

clay plaster.The downside

As you know, everything in our lives has its seamy side.The metropolis is quite difficult to find a clay.But, moreover, it is very important to choose the right fat content and its ingredients combine to produce the desired consistency.

Another drawback of the natural ways of painting and decorating is a long dry period.How to tell the elderly living in adobe houses, plastering clay walls is allowed one month after the erection of the house.In practice, layer clay solution into 1 cm thick dries at 35 degrees for two days .

Here, you decide for yourself what to choose - the speed of the rhythm of modern life and the naturalness and measured any action peculiar to our ancestors.