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Heating Installation

August 12, 2017 18:07

Master class for installing the heater in the apartment

To make additional heating in the apartment functional and at the same time unusual, it is recommended to use electric fireplaces.These devices are rather easy to install in a wall and connected to the home network.Next to the readers the information portal "Sam Electric" will be given simple instructions on how to properly carry out the installation of the heater in the apartment with his hands!

  • What to consider before the installation work?
  • basic process

What to consider before the installation work?

Photo electric heater in the house

Before you make a purchase of a heater and start to install it, it is necessary to solve several important issues:

  1. What is the main purpose of the device?
  2. focus will be placed where?
  3. What structure it will have?
  4. How will connect the heater to the network?

briefly tell you about every nuance of self-assembly.

Wall-mounted electric heater in the interior

So, the first thing you need to decide - what will be used for this type of electric heater in the house and apartment.In most cases the installation of the heater is carried out for decorative purposes - to make the living room more comfortable or to give the bedroom a romantic atmosphere.However, this does not mean that such a device will not perform - its main function - heating facilities.Power electric fireplace normally varies 1-2 kW, which is enough for heating an area of ​​20 square meters.meters.If a room is not enough central heating system, this equipment can save the day and make the room warm.

next, equally important question - where to install the heater in the room.Here you have to decide yourself where to place it better, however, consider the following requirements:

  • Direct sunlight and bright light bulbs will degrade the quality of the artificial fire, so it is best to place the device in a dark corner or niche plasterboard.
  • If you select the version of the suspended structure (on this later), the focus should not hang lower than at the height of 1 meter from the floor.Otherwise, it will close the other interior elements.
  • Complementing the previous requirement, it should be noted that the place of installation and connection of the electric fireplace must be such that he was a "highlight" of the room interior.Various cabinets, paintings and statues to complement electric heater, but do not get over it in the design.
  • If the room is large, you need to install the electric fire in the middle, but not in a secluded corner.
  • next to the selected connection destination outlet is located so as not to draw a new line from the junction box.
  • is not highly recommended to place the product under the TV, becauseheat can negatively displayed on the screen.
  • If you want to make the interior on Feng Shui, position the fire hearth in one corner.It is believed that the accumulated negative energy, which neutralizes the positive energy of the electric fireplace in the corner of the room corners.
  • In the event that a small area of ​​the room, and you still want to install it in the form of an electric heater, buy a corner cabinet.In this case, you "kill two birds with one stone": save space and realize his dream.

A third issue - the choice of a suitable design depending on the installation place the heater in the apartment with his hands.Here it should be noted that the devices are angled, wall, and built-in ladders (pictured below provided all 4 options).For the latter two options - Side center is not necessary to mount the wall, and you just move up in the right place, which significantly simplifies installation work.With the installation of the heater built things more difficult, becausefor installation you must make a special drywall constructions or a niche in the wall.The advantage of the portal heater is that it can be oblitsevat natural stone or wood, making the design of a real wood-burning fireplace.

And the last nuance - a way to connect the heater to the power supply in the apartment.It's all quite simple - because of the low power device can be connected to an ordinary wall socket, the main thing that is more to this point have not connected electrical appliances powerful.Pull the new line is not quite reasonable from the junction box, if, of course, a place in the electric heater is not selected at the stage of renovation.If you really are thinking about installing an electric fireplace during the repairs in the apartment, a separate output socket in a suitable place, and will not know the hassle.


wires can be seen - the socket is installed incorrectly

dealt with all the nuances you can proceed to connect the heater to the network with their own hands, which we'll talk further.

basic process

consider how to connect the electric heater to the network step by step photo instructions example.For you, we will provide more sophisticated technology, when it is necessary to establish a portal housing (built into the wall).

So installation consists of the following stages:

  1. selects the appropriate placement of the heater in the room and create a profile for drywall construction, based on the existing hearth dimensions.The design of the profiles
  2. sutured design portal sheets hectoliters.Portal of plasterboard
  3. are installing the heater in a niche and hide it all leads.Installation of the housing into a niche
  4. produce trim the front of the appropriate material, in this case natural stone.Decorative design decoration
  5. to connect to the network and enjoy an artificial fire.

As you can see, self-install the electric heater in the apartment is not difficult, much more difficult to choose the appropriate model of the device and to determine the place of its location!We also offer to your attention a video installation guide wall products, provided below.

How to hang on the wall electric fireplace in the apartment?

YouTube Preview
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