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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to hold the wiring in the bathroom ?

Wiring in the bathroom should be safe and at the same time functional.The old standard, when installed in the middle of the room lighting and sockets and switches are placed outside the room, no longer practiced.To date, there are waterproof products and equipment that fully protect a person from electric shock.Next we will talk about how to carry out the wiring in the bathroom with their hands and what requirements it imposed.

  • basic requirements
  • Installation
  • Step 1 - Create
  • scheme Step 2 - Select
  • components Step 3 - Getting Started
  • In conclusion

basic requirements

Divorced the room line

Thus, among the basic requirements for wiring in the bathroom isolated:

  • line necessarily should have ground loops;, RCD and circuit breaker -
  • a group of lamps and sockets in the room, separate equipment must be installed
  • all wiring elements must be water proof;
  • bathtub, sink, electrical shell, risers and ground bus should be merged into the potential equalization system;
  • possible choose lamps powered by safe voltage - 12V LED lamps are ideal in this case, becausedurable consume minimum power and thus have good luminescence.

As for the method of installation of wiring in the bathroom, here the rules of PUE is no clear limitations.It can be used as external and hidden lining the walls of the cable.The only caveat - if the outdoor wiring is necessary to select the appropriate cable marking, that it is designed for rooms with high humidity.

If all requirements are met, then any problems with respect to electrical safety in the future, you will not encounter.

installation instructions

Step 1 - Create

diagram First we need to decide on the circuit wiring in the bathroom.You should consider which appliances are installed, what type of coverage is selected, and no less important point - a heating system will be present.

Our following recommendations:

  1. junction box of electrical reasons, must be installed outside the room.
  2. Across the square should be placed at least three sockets: to connect the washing machine to the dryer near a mirror and electric boiler (if present).
  3. switch, similar to a box, displayed in the next room, next to the front door.
  4. As we have said, equipment is installed on each wire group separately: sockets, lamps, a powerful technique.
  5. Wiring in the bathroom is placed in the wall near the ceiling, parallel to the floor.To an outlet line descends perpendicularly, straight down.If you decide to make a suspension or suspended ceiling, the wire can be drawn through it (between the profiles or a film).

should draw your attention to the fact that all the sockets and switches should be at a safe distance from the source of water -. Not less than 60 cm Keep this in mind so as not to expose his life to danger.

safe distance

Draw a diagram of the wiring in the bathroom, you can go further - to count the number of pieces.

Step 2 - Select

components at this stage it is necessary not only to choose the appropriate wiring elements, but also to decide on their technical characteristics.Protected against water components

To make the wiring in the bathroom with their hands is recommended to choose the following materials:

  • cable three-core copper, 2.5 mm2 for sockets, 1.5mm2 - lamps, 4mm2 - household appliances.The best option is to use a foreign cable NYM, but Russian analogue VVGng would be the best replacement for the price and quality.
  • Plug the cable clamps to the wall.
  • Weatherproof sockets and switches, with the IP degree of protection not less than "44" and the splash cover.Also, the product must have a grounding pin.
  • Weatherproof fixtures for the bathroom, if possible better to use spot lighting, becausethey are easier to install, carefully look at the ceiling and also can be powered by 12 V
  • for potential equalization system power wire PT-3 1 * 6.To this you need to buy additional tips.

Step 3 - Getting Started

So, first it is necessary according to the wiring diagram in the bathroom on their own to create a special groove in the wall - Stroebe, for laying the cable.Groove also be done under the sockets, switches the switch box.This can be used with a special drill crown diameter 68 mm.Shtroblenie grinder wall

Next Enclosures and a box installed in their seats and securely fixed solution.Installed Enclosures

After that, you must to fix wiring in Stroebe via plug clamps or antiquated method -. Grab solution every 20 cm cable ends are stripped of insulation and threaded through to the Escutcheon.Use clamps

Now you can install the core sockets and switches in the seats.Please note that the decorative cover is better to fix the repairs after all, that it is not soiled during the work.Fastening core wall

When the wiring is fixed in the wall, you can proceed to the installation of the circuit breaker and RCD own hands.Connect them to take the time becauseyou must first check the correct wiring in the bathroom.Connecting protection and automation

When the wiring harness in the room is finished, you need a multimeter to check the line for a short circuit in the network.If it is not, you have done everything right and can move on to decorating the walls.

remains at least one important nuance to which serious approach should be provided - you need to make the potential equalization system in the bathroom.To do this, we take our solid copper wire and are interconnected housing the washing machine, boiler, sink, bath and riser hot and cold water.All of these "points" must be connected to the grounding bar set you in the introductory panel.Driving potential equalization system

Please note that if there is no shield earthing bar, be sure to perform the replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment on secure with wire PE.

should also be noted that the use of electric floor heating under the tiles, which can be prostelit in the floor on their own without any problems for the heating is best.That's the technology of electrical work.As you can see, to carry out the wiring in the bathroom can be their own hands, becausesystem device is not anything supernatural!

recommend you view the video graphic example in which given all the stages of the technology:

line layout with their hands
YouTube Preview

In conclusion

Today popular are suspended plasterboard ceilings, as well as plastic panels.If you decide to use them, it will only facilitate the electrical work.The fact that the electrical wiring in a bathroom ceiling will not need to create Stroebe, but simply to lay a cable in a corrugated protective tube as shown in the photograph.Corrugation, in turn, easily fastened to the clip profile.

Cable in the corrugation

Another important point, which would like to draw your attention - no grounding in the housing board.Indeed, it happens that the ground wire may be missing.In this case, it is necessary to replace the wiring in an apartment with a new, three-wire, after which the system is required to make potential equalization, protective system

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to do the wiring in the bathroom with their hands.We hope that the information has been helpful for you and will be useful in electrical work!

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