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August 12, 2017 18:05

The more beautiful and inexpensive to decorate the home base - option 3 material

Cap - it rises above the ground level of the foundation.Therefore, to finish it the same requirements as to the entire base.It consists of a set of measures - arrangement of blind area, pre-plastering (not always), waterproofing, and several others.The nuances determined by the peculiarities of each structure and local conditions.

But when all the works are completed, the question arises - what presentable decorate the basement?It is desirable that, and beautiful, and not too expensive and difficult.Materials for finishing cap is more than enough.But the price of some products is that not everyone is able to "lay out" the money.In addition, for the installation of some products it requires experience, special equipment, which is also associated with additional costs.And from this point of view, low-cost finishing options are not so much.


This design is suitable for buildings constructed of virtually any material (cellular concrete, brick, etc.), with the exception that the wood, so it is unlikely that plastered the foundation will be in harmony with it.



  • good water vapor permeability.
  • mozaichnaya_shtukaturka Resistance to liquids.The degree of moisture permeability depends on the kind and amount of specific additives introduced into the plaster.
  • withstands temperature extremes, its great value.
  • Easy operations.
  • good maintainability.
  • Possibility to simulate various coating materials (eg, natural stone and other).It all depends on the imagination and professionalism of the master.
  • If desired, at relatively little cost to regularly change the color scheme of the cap.
  • Minimal material costs.


  • Lack of strength and as a result, a small operation period.
  • necessity of frequent updates paint (in the case of a surface coating composition).
  • complexity of care.Wash pieces of dirt gets quite problematic - basically, only "dry" cleaning.In terms of service preferred decorative plasters, but they are quite expensive.

finishing Features

  1. grid Pre recommended to mount in the basement, for example, a plate of expanded polystyrene (extruded).This is both a base and are insulated, and level the surface.
  2. On the basis of thus obtained is fixed mesh (plaster).
  3. Painting.Naturally, the composition used must comply with all the requirements (for example, moisture and frost - on the choice of paint here).
  4. Regarding coloring plaster have conflicting advice.Someone advises coloring formulation administered directly into the solution.The argument - even the slightest damage monotone cap can not be broken.

There is another opinion - painted "on top", since such processing all clog the pores and prevent the ingress of moisture.But the question arises - how to be a vapor permeable?If you have a basement, and still heavily used, an important question.

Saydingovye panel

Of course, we have in mind not all, commercially available, but only those that are designed specifically for the cap.By the way, they can decorate the walls.



  • strength and reliability of the lining.It protects the foundation.
  • complexities of care is not - panels are easy to clean.
  • ability to quickly replace damaged products.


  • tsokolnyy_sayding process more time-consuming (read the article about installing siding).
  • This finish is more expensive, as the added cost of framing members to the panel price (rails, fasteners).

finishing Features

  1. Pre installed sheathing.Since finishing cap is made outside of the structure, it is desirable to use a metal profile rails, rather than wood - it is prone to rotting.
  2. necessary to ensure sealing of the joints, as well as to calculate and maintain the necessary clearance (in case of temperature deformation of products).

Stone (Artificial)

In principle, the method is also relatively inexpensive and effective, if you choose the right type of product (temperature of use, durability, and so on).

facing fa├žade


  • Artificial stone is easy to make at home - about it we wrote here.This somewhat increases the time of the work, but will significantly reduce their total cost.
  • The variety of options facing (exterior).
  • strength, long service life.
  • good maintainability.
  • Light weight and easy mounting.Artificial stone you can just stick to the substrate.


  • like - glue - stone works are carried out only with the "plus" temperatures.This is determined by the properties of the recommended adhesives.It should be noted that some can work with the "minus" on the street.But here there is a certain complexity - how to calculate the size of the gaps between products?Therefore, the "winter" work requires some experience.
  • process quite laborious and lengthy, you need more attention and accuracy.

finishing Features

Much depends on the basis of material made imitation of natural stone.Practice shows that to perform the kind of work - the finish - not everyone can.Most likely, you will have to pay for someone else's services.

makes no sense to give a comparison of materials on prices, they depend on so many factors to take into account that all is simply impossible.We must not forget a simple truth - you can not always put an equal sign between "cheap" and "quality."


Plastering cap - the most economical option , which does not require the involvement of professionals.But if you allow the financial capabilities, then it is better to stay on the 2nd or 3rd options.

Practical recommendations

  • If the house is built on pile foundation, the pre-mounted supporting frame which is sheathed with any material.The main requirement for it - moisture resistance.
  • When calculating the cost of work necessary to look not only at the price of the material, but also take into account that the cost of the cost of its installation.In addition, an important factor - lifespan.It makes more sense to buy the product for the finishing of the more expensive and durable than the cap lining regularly renovated and at the same time to spend money again.