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August 12, 2017 18:06

How best to choose a bimetallic radiators - Features and Benefits

Since Soviet times, we've learned that it is impossible to imagine a room without imposing cast-iron radiators.They were (and often is) more than just a heater.They can be dried and shoes, and a towel.In many homes, they successfully perform their function today.

But technological progress does not stand still, and always something changing, improving.There are some more modern designs.Therefore, new types of products and have come to replace cast iron radiators.One of these is bimetal radiators, and today I'll tell you which model is best used and how they differ.The name itself says that in their production are used two different metals.Indeed, the interior of radiators made of steel, and the outer - aluminum.

bimetallic radiator

advantages of bimetallic radiators:

  • they withstand the pressure to 2 times greater than iron (about 35 atm);
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • increased service life;
  • ease of installation and use;
  • excellent design.

Some characteristics of bimetallic radiators:

  1. aluminum is subject to corrosion.As a result, these products best used in heating systems where the coolant is antifreeze and not water (for example, private country construction);
  2. aluminum has high thermal conductivity.This should be taken into account when calculating the required amount of radiators for premises.Heat dissipation of 180 W at a center distance of 50 cm;
  3. thickness of the inner layer (steel) - within 2.5 mm;
  4. common dimensions: depth - 10 cm, height - about 57 cm;
  5. mass of water in one section - from 0.15 to 1.5 liters (depending on model).This allows the use of smaller amounts of water in the system.Consequently, the power required for its smaller heating.Therefore Bimetallic radiators can be considered cost-effective;
  6. lifetime guarantee - within 25 years.

However, for all its virtues bimetallic radiators have a relatively high cost.For example, aluminum are relatively expensive at the third.Experts recommend to apply them in the apartments of the upper floors of residential buildings, as well as in those houses where the coolant in the system has poor characteristics (eg, low water treatment quality).

well-known models such as Rifar Base 500, RS 500 model of the Sira, Global.However, we must note that the lion's share of bimetallic radiators sold in Russia - from China.I think that comment is superfluous.