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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing the right grade of concrete for the foundation of the house depending on the conditions

strength and durability of the foundation depends on many factors, the most important of which are the quality and grade of concrete.The choice of the brand is determined by the type of foundation, the structure of the weight and the nature of the soil at the site.

Brand selection based on the weight of the house

load, that will fall on the foundation depends on what material the walls are erected.When building a house on the project, designed by professional architects, concrete grade is specified in the documentation, and for independent work should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Houses of aerated concrete, silicate blocks, timber and logs, frame-houses erected on the foundation of the M250 brand of concrete or M300.
  • Heavy brick, monolithic and prefabricated concrete homes are in need of a solid foundation of concrete grade not lower than the M350.
  • for prefabricated panel house, for example, cottages, you can use a lower grade of concrete M200, than in a brick building.

If the home provides a basement, the concrete must be waterproof.This figure in the brand M350 is twice higher than the M250.However, this does not eliminate the need for waterproofing.


Influence of soil

concrete When choosing the type of foundation and concrete brand and guided nature of soil at the site.

  • for strip foundation on the sandy or rocky ground sufficiently concrete grade M200 or M250.
  • On vysokopuchinistom and uneven freezing clay loam soil or the foundation may be deformed.You have to choose the higher and more expensive brand M350, which has a higher coefficient of frost resistance and water permeability.
  • With the high level of ground water with plenty of salt, various contaminants requires a special sulphate concrete.It is obtained from the sulphate cement or introducing additives in the process of preparation of the solution.

SNiPy What say?

The SNP pointed out that in order to fill the low-rise housing foundation used concrete grade M250 and above.Lower marks M100 and M150 are used only for non-load-bearing elements, pouring platforms and tracks.You can use M200 concrete at low loads to the foundation.M300 and M350 can be used for the manufacture of critical structures, including foundations, floor slabs.

Concrete brand M400 is suitable for heavy brick and concrete buildings on heaving soils.Concrete higher marks M450 and M500 have even greater strength, however, their use in individual housing is hardly economically viable.