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Repair Of Premises

August 12, 2017 18:06

Repairs in the building with his own hands

often in order to save money people acquire housing in new buildings without finishing roughing.In making this decision, we have to realize that doom ourselves to address a range of issues related to the repair.After repairs in a new building with their hands involves not just pasting wallpaper, and the entire cycle of operations starting with the surfacing and of utilities and ending with a fine finish.The apartment is cozy nest will become only after significant investments in its energy and resources.To repair building on turned into an endless nightmare is necessary to understand the sequence in which the work carried out and their technology.

The apartment is cozy nest will turn only after making her considerable energy and resources.

The cozy nest apartment will become only after significant investments in its energy and resources.

Why do people buy a house without finishing: what they win and lose what

Decorating a new apartment is a matter quite troublesome.After finishing housing is a concrete box with bare walls, no windows, and plumbing.At the same time ceiling and walls are uneven, and wiring and non-existent.Looking at this horror, many simply can hand down.It is clear that the housing will have to repair from the ground up, not knowing where to start here.

easiest way to hire a team of professional decorators, to give them the technical project and monitor its implementation.In this case, only need to buy the necessary materials.Experts even count them.However, housing without finishing order and buy in order to save.Therefore, in this case, bear the cost of labor working - not an option.It is necessary to learn everything yourself and do a little repair.In this case, the work can be carried out as the replenishment of the budget, not in a hurry.

Living without finishing is a concrete box with bare walls

Accommodation finishing is a box made of concrete with bare walls

have self-repair in the new building have a lot of advantages: savings on labor recruitment, making repairs for yourself, you will not allow the marriage, and of making the repairs yourself,you will gain valuable experience that will be able to implement more than once in the future.Of the minuses should be noted that repair alone - it is a long and time-consuming.Therefore, we must enlist the support of family, friends, and read a lot of literature on repair work.

Basics repairs in new

Every builder knows that after the construction of the building is its shrinkage for several years.This is especially true of wooden buildings.And provide significant shrinkage house of brick, to a lesser extent monolithic structure.During this shrinkage change the geometric dimensions of the building elements.These changes are very difficult to see with the naked eye on each observed that over time, for example, oil in the pan begins to flow in one direction or the ball to roll on the floor of one of the walls.

If you start to do finish in the apartment without regard to these features, it can be observed over time that vspuchilis wall panels or cracked stucco relief, which has spent a lot of money.For this reason, high-quality finish of the premises in the new building should start doing no earlier than 2 - 3 years after the construction of the house.

If you can not wait that long, you only need to use elastic materials for finishing.It is suitable cloth wallpaper ceilings.Sex can be closed with wooden parquet.Do not use ceramic tile flooring in bathrooms so you can temporarily close the linoleum, and the walls are just paint water-resistant latex paint.

Actually the first in a new building should be carried out the cheapest materials, which are not sorry to tear off and replace the ones that you like the best a couple of years.

Where to begin roughing in a new building

procedure for repairs in the building is not particularly different from the way they are carried out in the old housing.In either case, first of all make the dirty work on which is still a lot of dirt, rocks and dust.Such works include the demolition of walls, removal of rough finish or floor screeds that the builders did not even, installation of windows, wiring and conduit unit of the new ties.It is worth noting that such dirty work needed to produce a fully throughout the apartment, but not in the same room.

Once such work is carried out, taking out the trash, remove dust and start roughing decoration apartments.It mainly consists in leveling, zashtukaturivanii and putty walls and sometimes ceiling.Only after all of the surfaces are aligned, you can begin to do fine finish, which is a sticker wallpaper, tiles, panels, and whether other similar finishing materials.Violate the specified sequence of repair should not be in the new building, because it is fraught with a significant increase in the amount of dirt and debris, as well as the possibility of re-repair as a result of accidental damage to the completed item.


Often, even in new owners is necessary to carry out the dismantling of unnecessary walls or partitions.It is not always suits us is the layout of the apartment, which is assumed the project.However, it is worth remembering that the change plan property without permission is prohibited.Doing this is possible only by agreement with ICE after receiving permission for the reconstruction.Permission is given only to the relevant state or municipal authorities in the field of urban planning, since the unauthorized demolition of load-bearing wall can lead to the collapse of the entire building.

Even if you need to make an opening in the bearing wall, in the resolution it will be given the technical conditions under which this is possible.The most common is the use of metal structures to reinforce the wall.The calculation of the parameters can only perform a civil engineer, so this work should be trusted only to the expert.

Everything is much easier with the interior walls, which do not carry the supporting function.They can be removed and independently after receiving permission.

United premises after dismantling partitions

United premises after dismantling partitions

to carry out installation of interior partitions you need to follow this algorithm:

  • In the case where the apartment is already electrified, you want to completely disconnect it.
  • Before starting work it is necessary to prepare the equipment and tools: hammer, sledge hammer, angle grinder, scrap, boaster, a hammer, various scrapers.
  • In addition, it is required in advance to solve the problem with the car, which will take out construction debris.
  • It is necessary to buy a respirator and goggles.
  • If there baseboards, moldings and other decorative elements, they must be removed first.
  • The most common interior walls are made of bricks in a half-brick thick.Remove them from the top down is necessary, deleting row by row.If you use a crowbar or sledgehammer, you can punch a hole in the middle and gradually expand it, until the entire partition will be deleted.
  • When removing the partition between the bathroom and the toilet can be found a wooden armature.It must be sawed into pieces, and the wall with water.So it will be less dust.

Installation work

If there is not even in the building windows, their installation should be done after fully decorated openings.The easiest way to cause gager company that supplies and insert windows.By the way, many companies today for large orders carried out the installation of windows for free or do a good offer.You can insert a window blocks and yourself, but then you must be prepared to ensure that the manufacturer's warranty will be absent.

Installation of window frames is carried out after the registration of the slopes

Installation of window units is carried out after the registration of slopes

One of the most difficult processes in making repairs in a new building, this floor screed.Plates of overlap is generally smooth with just the side where the ceiling.Where the floor, they require alignment.It is produced by the device according to the level of the concrete screed.To perform this work necessarily needs an assistant, as the concrete is poured alone inconvenient.

is best for work with concrete rent a small mixer.This will greatly facilitate the process of mixing concrete.Buy ready-mixed concrete, if your apartment is not the ground floor, it is inappropriate.To tie was perfectly smooth, on top of it, you can fill in a self-leveling floor.You can then lay on him any topcoat.It is worth noting that after the pouring of the concrete screed is necessary to wait 3 - 4 weeks prior to complete drying of the concrete before proceeding with repairs.

If the apartment is not new wiring running water, it is quite possible to do on their own.This is best to use pipes and fittings made of polypropylene.They are much easier to cut and install.It is only necessary to learn how to use a soldering iron, it is not difficult.Before installing the water pipes it is necessary to accurately calculate the installation location of plumbing fixtures, so that later do not have something to finish.

aqueduct system can be tee and collector.A second preferred, though costly.Vedas it is possible to set the valves to shut off all the plumbing fixtures.However, in the T system, this problem can also decide if you install shut-off valve near each unit.Plastic pipe is best placed inside the walls.To do this you need to do Stroebe using grinder with stone disk.Grooves to do several times wider than the tube.This will allow the plastic pipes to expand freely and thermal expansion curve.If you do not, then plaster can fall off with the cutting grooves and the tube falls out.

Water pipes mounted inside the cutting grooves , after the termination will not be visible .

Water pipes mounted inside the cutting grooves, after the termination will not be visible.

Starting wiring, it is necessary to remember the following nuances:

  • All electric meters, sockets and switches must be completely available.
  • switches it's best to install the door, at a height of not less than 1.5 m.
  • Sockets installed in locations where the planned location of the electrical appliances.Their installation height is from 0.5 to 0.8 m from the floor.
  • Adopted set one outlet for every 6 square meter apartment.
  • wiring during assembly is only installed in the vertical and horizontal direction.strictly forbidden to do it diagonally.
  • Before installing the wiring must be drafted by a detailed plan showing the wires, outlets, switches and junction boxes.
  • Without exception, all connections and branches of wires inside the junction boxes are closed.
  • If the wiring is mounted on top of finishing, then it should be laid in a special plastic box.
  • All wiring must be either aluminum or copper.Twisting wires of different metals is not allowed because it leads to its gradual oxidation due to different resistance.This may cause a fire.

If you do not understand how to properly mount the wiring, a section of the wire in any case choose, invite a professional electrician, who will advise you.

Wiring inside the wall .

Wiring inside the wall.

Installing plumbing fixtures made after the rough finish apartments in new buildings.They are installed in the space reserved for a particular device in the vicinity of the risers, connecting devices to the sewage system.Water connection to plumbing fixtures is carried out after installation of the cranes and other necessary fittings.Note that the installation of a toilet, bath or shower stall is carried out only after the installation of the final coating on the floor in the toilet and bathroom.

Fully finished rough finishing and installation of equipment, you are ready for final finishing of all surfaces.It is worth noting that in the construction of suspended ceilings it is not necessary to do a qualitative final finishing of the ceiling foundation.Just to putty the cracks between the boards, if any.

Self finish apartments in new buildings - it is time-consuming, but it can save a very substantial funds, that can be spent on the purchase of higher quality and more expensive materials.