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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to seal cracks in the ceiling - practical recommendations

the ceiling cracks, and at every glance at this sad spectacle, you have a bad mood.It is clear that the last thing you're interested in the reasons for their formation - the repair was made at the neighbors or in the stairwell, or your new given drawdown.In the first place there is the question - a repaired crack in the ceiling ?

A crack in the ceiling

crack on the ceiling

Of course, you can start phoning friends and acquaintances asking for help to find a professional who will come and fix everything at once.Or take a chance and do everything yourself?

The first step is to determine whether indeed formed a crack in the ceiling or flaked off a layer of latex paint.This is no big deal, enough to clear the site of separation.If suffered only a painted surface, it will be visible after clearing an integral surface drywall.If the cause is not only cracked paint, then, to his chagrin, you'll see the cracks formed after the poor quality grout.

What is needed for sealing cracks yourself:

  • small and wide spatula;
  • sandpaper or mesh;
  • primer for the ceiling;
  • putty;
  • adhesive tape - serpyanka;
  • latex paint.

technology to eliminate cracks

First of all, you need to clear the place of the crack.For clearing use prepared in advance spatula.Completely clean the damaged surface of the paint, cracked fillings;if the crack goes under the used when installing the ceiling serpyanku, and then remove it.The next step is trimming the liberated surface with sandpaper or mesh.We should not forget that when stripping forms a layer of dust that it is necessary to remove the brush, otherwise the settled dust affect the quality of the work performed.

When used for finishing drywall ceiling edge of the sheet at the junction of the two sheets is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.If, clearing the crack, you can not find a facet - cut sheet for the best quality and shpatlevanija, then, armed with an ordinary knife, you will have to do it yourself.The work is simple, but quite tedious, because it is necessary that both of the edges have an angle cut.To this can be done quickly and easily, make sure that you feel comfortable to stand and not to have to constantly reach for the ceiling, carrying out all repairs.

finished with clearing and getting rid of appearing on the ceiling around the cracks of our dust, apply a primer, is possible to apply two layers, but always with the complete drying of the first layer.Even if you decide to restrict a single layer priming, wait until this layer is dry, otherwise there is a chance that the putty will not last long.

What to do with a partially deformed plasterboard?With such a surface will have to spend some more time.The damaged section will have to cut or cut out.In its place is put on the model of the old cut a new piece (do not forget to make a chamfer) and is fastened with screws to the fixture.

Shpatlevanie may seem a very complicated process, but it is not.On a small spatula, take a little putty and quiet, even, but with the pressure put on the motion was cleared crack.The pressure of the substrate is required for penetration fillers throughout the depth of the crack or joint sheets of drywall.

After shpatlevanija crack use the purchased in advance serpyanku.Once the putty is dry, made a two-layer padding.After the final drying primer need have a trowel to apply a layer, aligned with the surface of the ceiling.

If the surface is leveled with the first time and there are no visible defects, in the form of pits or mounds of excess putty, it can be re-applied primer - this will be the final layer before painting.It should be noted that without a certain skill to get just the perfect result can be difficult.Therefore, if you have something does not suit, you can apply another thin layer of putty, which finally will hide all the bumps are buried portion.

Admiring his work, it is necessary to completely dry all layers of the put.You can then paint the repaired surface.It is possible to cause a special paint primer, if it does not, it can be painted with latex paint immediately.Using a roller allows the ink evenly distributed.Maybe go with a paint roller will have a few times to the repaired area is not highlighted in color on the background of the rest of the ceiling.

Of course, to fully hide the traces of the produced partial repair is best to brush up painting the whole ceiling.

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Video - how to deal with cracks in the ceiling