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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make inexpensive repairs in the apartment with his hands

What do we mean by low-facelift?

What do we mean by expensive facelift ?

To begin redecorating, you need to decide what it will include a:

  1. Preparing walls and ceiling of their purification;
  2. Minor repairs and priming the walls and ceiling;
  3. Their wallpapering or painting;
  4. Painting floor.


  1. Caulking starting and finishing For the cheap repair their own hands;
  2. set spatulas;
  3. Primer;
  4. wallpaper glue;
  5. Wallpaper;
  6. paint;
  7. Brushes and rollers;
  8. tanks for liquids and putty;
  9. Toolbox.

Room preparation

Training room

To repaired furniture in the room did not interfere, and the repair did not last too long, it must be removed.But in the absence of such a possibility, it is necessary to demolish all the furniture in the center of the room, and with the help of a good film and adhesive tape to cover and seal to it did not hit and injured construction waste.

Preparation ceiling to repair

Preparing for the repair of the ceiling

Repairs should begin with a cleansing of old wallpaper and ceiling paint.

To clean the ceiling, it must be wet with water and give time to the old whitewash and plaster can be easily removed exposing the plate.After that, the ceiling must be thoroughly washed.

now ready to repair the ceiling.All cracks should be clear and deepen as much as possible.After their gruntuem and shpaklyuem.When the plaster dries, it must be sanded and primed again.Now the ceiling is ready for painting or wallpapering.

inexpensive repairs in the apartment: the preparation of walls

Inexpensive repairs in the apartment : the preparation of walls

After completion of the repair of the ceiling, it's time to move on to the walls.

order to prepare them for wallpapering the following steps:

  1. Remove old wallpaper.This can be done, moisten the wallpaper with hot water or a special solution.After soaking the wallpaper will be easily removed with a spatula.
  2. Once the wall is dry after the procedure can proceed to repair it.Hold it must be on the same principle as the repair of the ceiling.

Painting the ceiling or wallpaper paste over his

Painting the ceiling or wallpaper paste over it

after work can begin to glue the wallpaper on the ceiling.

If you decide to paint the ceiling, then this is taken latex paint.Divorce instructions.And painted ceiling twice.

order to maximize save money on repairs, you can buy paint, primer and wallpaper domestic production.The quality of these products do not give way to foreign counterparts, but are less expensive.

Sticking wallpaper

Clay wallpaper

Before gluing wallpaper, paint windows and doors.Only after the paint is completely dry, you can start wrapping the walls.

final stage instructions "How to make repairs in the apartment cheaply" - painting the floor

The final stage of the instructions " How to make repairs in the apartment cheaply " - painting the floor

have all the furniture that was left in the room to be repaired, you need to stick masking tape or duct tape the legs to keep them clean.

If necessary, a spot repair the floor and, finally, his painting.

After that, the repairs in the apartment can be considered as completed.

The final stage of the instructions " How to make repairs in the apartment cheaply " - painting the floor