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August 12, 2017 18:07

Replacing the meter : technical and legal aspects

Why is held total replacement of electric meters

calculation instruments and accounting for various utility goods (we consume hot and cold water, gas, electricity) with each new turn of growth rates are becoming increasingly popular among the population.Familiar from childhood electricity meters are the oldest members of this glorious cohort of fiscal accounting devices, and therefore the first to take the path of modernization and replacement.

mass replacement of old electricity meters in apartment buildings was carried out in accordance with claim 5 Federal Law of 23.11.12 №261-FZ "On energy saving".Thus, the transition from the old metering accuracy class 2.5 for new induction category not lower than 2.0 was carried out in an organized and cost-effectively for the common people.

The meter accuracy class 2.5

The meter accuracy class 2.0

note that the citizens of consumers (in the terminology of the Federal Law p.141) already attached to the electric networks with voltage below 0.4 kV with replacement of electric meters were limited to 2% -s' accuracy of their calculation devices.And in the near future, accuracy class 1.0 for all regulatory documents to you and me does not shine.Although the recognition of the old electricity meters of class 2.5 as unsuitable measurement tools already gratifying.

The same law contains additional reasons for the replacement of electric meters, which is now extended to the newly installed:

  • unevenly (jerks) rotation of the disc in the unit;
  • unemployed or working odd display or indicator;
  • mechanical damage to the body;
  • violation counter leaks, broken viewing window.

Problems understandable, even stated in the law is available.If they have appeared, referring to the Law 28-FZ, dated 04.03.96 and GOST 5570-96, boldly call the maintenance crews.

Replacing the meter

procedure for checking and replacement of electricity meter electricity meter

lifetime registered in their data sheet.Typically, these devices if they are connected a "normal" electricians are much longer.The supervisory authorities do not notice the delay - you can continue to use.With the current calibration devices much money you will not lose, but the replacement of all licensing documents will cost a lot of money (from 1500 without the cost of the device itself).The service life of the meter thus not taken into account.

Frequency of calibration of electrical devices registered in their data sheet, but in practice all the same type of measuring instruments installed a single recalibration interval of time during which the reading is seen as absolutely reliable:

  • disc mechanical induction electric meters - 8 years;
  • modern electronic grade 1.0-2.0 - up to 16 years.

Regular calibration readings, which according to the regulations must be carried out within a specified time employees of the marketing company (once every six months), and if the place, it is quite noticeable.The regular payment of electricity bills - the best protection against all control checks.

Who pays for the meter replacement

On the technical side - complete clarity.Perform complex installation work with electricity metering devices Only qualified service provider.Making installation panel with your hands, even in a country house, we strongly recommend that you do not.Guarantees in the form of the seal on the energy meter - this is important, but check the quality of installation you have to, after signature of Acceptance act all no claim .Any installation defects discovered after that, you will pay for a separate tariff.

Now money.Meter installed in the apartment, the owner of which you are.It's simple: your property, you have to keep it, cherish and replaced if necessary at his own expense.Including on-demand energy supply companies.See p.139 Resolution of the RF Government of 31.08.06 № 530.

to the imposition of the landing switch board is more complicated.In emergency cases (mechanical damage, burnout, failure to work items), all operations to replace their electric meter, you will pay for themselves, however, as the purchase of a new one.The planned re-installation, carried out on the initiative of your HOA, energy or the Government, paid initiators.Your consent may be asked, can ignore, but in any case, the new better than the old free counter.