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August 12, 2017 18:07

country house sewer device

Features of different types of septic tanks Septic tanks are


  1. multi-chamber, in which the waste water are decomposed by bacteria, gradually over a period of ten days, passing through several chambers.After such cleaning drains completely harmless and can be released into a river or even go for watering the garden.However, the maintenance of such structures quite expensive, and ideal for central sewage system, designed just for the large number of homes (up to 200).
  2. Lesser single-chamber.They are used when the household uses water less than 1 cubic meter per day.
  3. Lesser two- and three-chamber, where the device is as follows:
  • large capacity, initially enter the waste.It precipitates and large solid waste which subsequently become sludge by bacteria.Twice a year it is necessary to pump mud, leaving approximately one sixth of the sludge.
  • next to a large capacity is small, separated by a partition.It advocated small hard parts, turning into mud.Its a similar frequency to be pumped.
  • drainage system or filter well designed to drain water into the ground to defend.If these septic tanks drainage system is not present, then the camera will have to clean using vacuum trucks.

Features of different types of septic tanks

How to make your own hands septic

material for septic tank unit largely determines the cost of construction of sewage treatment and the complexity of the process.plastic septic tank is mainly used precast concrete, brick, solid concrete.In choosing the material it is necessary to take into account several factors:

  1. Precast concrete is suitable for single-chamber designs.The main advantages - high strength, water resistance, high density, durability, resistance to erosion, speed of installation.
  2. If forced to choose between a brick and monolithic concrete, brick septic tank is preferable because the construction will be easier and faster.Monolithic concrete in the assembly is very time-consuming.
  3. plastic septic tank, it can be said is completely ready.The entire installation process is only in its proper installation.However, for all its advantages, durability and reliability, its price is very high.Moreover, one should consider the soil pressure on the walls, since plastic can withstand high pressure.If a plastic septic tank installed in the country where the knowledge that in this area quite a high level of ground water, the light container will constantly fluctuate under the water pressure from the outside, and this loosening may develop leaks all joints and broken sewage pipe slope.Therefore, the only way - concreting of the plastic container and building over it a monolithic or precast reinforced concrete slab.This in turn will make the construction more expensive.
  4. For two-chamber septic tanks convenient and inexpensive to build the capacity of reinforced concrete or brick.In this case, it is necessary to build two wells.

How to make your own hands septic tank

finished treatment plants

Consider the type ready Septic treatment plants and septic tank Tapas

Septic Septic

Tapas Tapas is specifically designed for processing and recycling of fecal waste.Our people are not accustomed to such a convenient device and believe that it is enough to dig a cesspool and impose its concrete rings, not concreting the bottom to excess moisture seeped into the soil.But this opinion is erroneous and more dangerous because of such negligence in relation to disposal of faecal contamination of groundwater occurs.

septic Tapas

therefore save on device septic tank on your country site is not necessary.The best solution - a septic tank Tapas.Cleaning it turns out high-quality and without any unpleasant odors

Septic Tank

It is a reliable, fully autonomous, independent drainage, specially designed for country houses.Construction of the model cast polypropylene reinforced with ribs, wall thickness 10 mm and 17 mm at the edges.This is a great example of a multi-chamber design, which works on the principle described above.

septic Tank

Thus, choosing a septic tank on your site, consider the cost, complexity or simplicity of installation.Cheap is usually complicated in arrangement and expensive options are more effective and easy to install.The choice is yours!