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August 12, 2017 18:07

Garden bridges as the personification of eternal aesthetics and nobleness

Garden bridges - their purpose, the basic form

Modern garden bridges have a fundamental difference from the massive civil engineering projects, laid across large bodies of water.The fact is that along with pergolas, arbors or trellises, garden structures belong to a small architectural forms.

Their design does not undertake highly skilled engineers, and landscape designers. Their goal is to get in the first place, an attractive and original bridge, which will decorate the garden.Only in the second turn they take care of its usability and functionality.

This design can play a very different role in your garden plot.

  • It may be an observation deck.With such a nice bridge to admire the expanse of its land, its vegetation and the immediate surroundings.
  • emphasis aqueous composition.In the presence of a reservoir, this small architectural form can become a dominant, chaining themselves to the views of others.
  • worthy partners other garden structures such as pergolas, street lamps, sculptures.
  • presence of a large reservoir allows you to make the bridge a superb place for fishing, a kind of mooring for boats.
  • Suspension Bridge can be fun and a bit extreme attraction.

Of course, we should not forget that in landscape design, this design is a harmonious element of the garden.It should fit into the overall style of the decoration and it is successfully combined with other small architectural forms.To achieve this not so difficult, because the current bridges for areas adjacent to your home, may have very different shapes.

Besides the usual classic look of our direct bridges rather widespread his humpback, pendant, step by step, ruins, zigzag and other variations.Each of these products has its place.So, humpbacked bridge often decorated with romantic gardens, as a superior setting for spiritual conversations.It is suited to this option and if there is a thick hedge in your garden.Suspension design is particularly appropriate if the local area there is a creek or ravine.

Zigzag analogue came to us from Japan, which is called quite nice - "yatsuhasi".It is a fairly low flooring made of wood, not having a fence and features a zigzag.This bridge in Japan is considered to be a central element of landscape design.The main reception of its design - its asymmetry.

Step option involves a kind of device across the pond trail, reminding outwardly ordinary garden path.The difference is that the stones used for the construction of this bridge, do not burrow into the ground, and laid on the bottom of the reservoir.Ruins of designs - one of the main elements of the old romantic gardens.For greater effect, it is recommended to combine them with the ruins of which the most varied vegetation thickets.

decorative bridges Garden - Design and construction materials

form of the garden design defines its design features.So, you can select or monolithic structures with a gap, symmetric and eccentric.In the classical direct bridge note the basic elements:

  1. supports.If the bridges in the garden have a length not more than 2.5 m, the supports can be used as a timber or a sufficiently thick logs.Stacked they support the site, representing the ledges on the waterfront.If construction is longer than this number, then use intermediate supports.
  2. span.It is a part of the structure which is located between adjacent supports.The shape of the bridge determines whether the passage of a convex or flat.
  3. guard.It gives a complete construction and decorative appearance and is a traditional rails, laid on the balusters.It can be single or double-sided.
  4. flooring.Referred to the road surface, it is placed across the poles.The main requirement, which must match the flooring - it should not sag.Obviously, the hanging structure in this case will be the exception.

Speaking about the construction of the bridge, it is impossible to bypass their attention to the issue of its illumination.If it operated quite rare, it is possible to confine a few decorative lights at the beginning and end of the bridge.Otherwise, it will take much more than functional lighting.

for construction of the garden elements are best suited following materials:

  • wood;
  • concrete;
  • stone;
  • metal.

Wood is fairly inexpensive, affordable and easy-to-material processing.However, it should take into account features and structures on the stop selection tree species that are resistant to moisture.This can be pine, larch and cedar.Details of bridge, made from such wood, not deformed with regular exposure to moisture and can last more than 50 years.If the structure is designed in oriental style, the perfect manufacture of the material would be bamboo.

Experts recommend to carry piles of larch, and flooring - oak.

As for the stone, it's a pretty solid material has long been widely used for the construction of bridges.It gives the garden a unique charm and blends into the landscape.However, it is worth considering that the work of the stone requires skill, some special knowledge and tools.The most popular as a material for the construction of a bridge bought: limestone, dolomite, sandstone, granite and natural boulders.Organically will look and gravel track leading to this bridge.

Soft stones are not suitable for the erection of structures of this type of garden!

I Found in this field and its application metal.Its main and indisputable advantage is the high plasticity, due to which it is possible to create products of the most original form and style.This may be an ultra-modern high-tech or stately Baroque.If your choice fell on the forged bridge, keep in mind that it should not be a single forged elements.

He must echo, for example, sun porch or bench.The metal may also suffer from the effects of moisture, and its main enemy is the corrosion.To prevent its occurrence is recommended to choose a metal with special treatment or process is already a finished product.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials.In addition, he is cold-resistant, available and features low cost.However, this material is subject to aging badly, so your garden will always decorate the new bridge.Make the surface of such facilities will add a decorative stone powder in a solution having a different size fractions.

Garden bridge with their hands - it's much easier than it seems today

areas around the house are increasingly adorn bridges, made with his own hands, because everyone will be pleased to enjoy the fruits of their labor.As an example, consider the process device birch bridge.It is perfect for the part of the garden, where there is a large concentration of vegetation, especially trees.

This design is different enough strength, aesthetics and elegance.For the production of poles, fences and road deck it is recommended neoshkurennye thick birch trunks and branches.For devices supporting platforms need to dig up the ramps on both banks of the reservoir, fill them in and carefully compacted gravel.

then through 0,7-0,8 m from each other across the pond can be laid support - birch logs.For the construction of a small bridge should be fine beam length of about 2 m and a diameter of approximately 15 cm enclosure is arranged as follows:. 4 is performed in the span of a rectangle shape, each of which is further divided by diagonals.The distance between the spans of 0.5 m.

optimum height for the fence is approximately 0.7 m. Handrails are strongly recommended sanded to avoid hand injuries, in particular, the emergence of splinters.Such a simple bridge will last you 4-6 years, and if you soak it waterproofing compounds, or even longer.In addition, it will withstand the weight of two people easily.

Thus, your garden can be decorated with any decorative bridge.All depends only on your abilities, desires and landscape features.