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August 12, 2017 18:07

Septic tank for questioning

brick septic

Brick septic tank

Brick is one of the oldest and most commonly used building materials.For the specific case of installations treatment facility it has many useful properties - environmentally friendly, high strength, frost resistance, low price.

In order to build a septic tank to give yourself, just need to learn how to make the brickwork and prepare a solution of the binder.

Step by Step Construction:

  1. Earthworks.It is necessary to dig a trench, which reaches not more than 3 m in depth.The cross-section must be calculated taking into account the fact that the recommended amount of septic tank should be about 8-10 cubic meters.It is also necessary to provide the distance for laying brick, so we add another 10-20 cm to the approximate width of the groove.
  2. bottom of the pit lined with gravel backfill, installed equipment for foundation
  3. Poured foundation 30 cm thick foundation
  4. Hardening for 3-4 days
  5. walls are built in a brick exterior and waterproofed with bitumen or mastic to avoid falling into the reservoir of groundwater
  6. then trim the outer walls of clay
  7. Jumpers are made of material that does not corrode
  8. Plastering the walls of the reservoir and additional double insulation or waterproofing bitumen
  9. Construction of floors and a ventilation pipe.It is recommended to choose a pipe diameter of asbestos 1dm and long protruding above the surface of the hatch 0.6m.Further, the pipe out of the floor slab necessarily isolated
  10. must install a hatch for servicing septic

Brick septic tank

Septic out of cubic

evrokuby - plastic container for storage and transport of liquids and solids, placed in a frame made of metal rods.Its volume is 0.6-1 cubic meters.Their cost is small compared with other materials.

Before acquiring evrokuby, you can try to get it for free through ex works with industrial companies receiving materials in such containers.In view of the costly disposal of large amounts of bulky plastic containers, they are willing to rid themselves business owners, but for you it will be possible to reduce costs in the septic tank for questioning to a minimum.

Features of the application of cubic

  1. light weight material.When oversaturation of the soil moisture as a result of flooding or flood cube can float to the surface.Therefore it is necessary to weight - using cable ties or ropes container is attached to the concrete foundation
  2. Sewage pipe must be without bends, that is right.In the case of bending the tube put at this location the well.Total gradient tubes of 2 cm to 1 meter or more.
  3. When installing septic tanks, cubes filled with water halfway.This will follow the horizontal position of the bottom of the unit and maintain stability.
  4. evrokuby set on a sandy substrate in order to preserve the integrity of the container and remove the appearance of local stresses and distortions
  5. Then structure covered with sand and tamped.Filling of expanded clay or slag is produced to protect the septic tank from freezing.

Features of the application of cubic

Due to the nature of PVC, which is made of cubes, you need to periodically add bacterial bioremediation agents to avoid unpleasant odor.

instructions on the construction of a septic tank of cubic

  1. Dig a trench under two cubic containers, fill them with water
  2. using metal structures like formwork to concrete tanks
  3. necessary to equip the tank inlet and overflow pipes.The annular cutter make holes with a diameter of 110 mm.Tubes are placed in a tee, inlet pipe is set higher than the level overflow.
  4. sealant isolated input and output of all pipes
  5. construction placed in earthen cavity, the system is insulated

Instructions for the construction of a septic tank of cubic

Sump of tires

Septic to testify of tires is the most economical option sewerage facilities, andas its construction does not require special skills.This sewage system can be constructed, if you use it periodically, and the volume of waste water is small.It is also worth to remember that winter tires will freeze, making it impossible to use of the facility during the cold season.This simple device requires regular and frequent cleaning.

scheme of construction of sewerage tires

  1. necessary to dig a pit of a size slightly larger diameter tires available.The bottom of it is filled with gravel, layer thickness is 10-30 cm
  2. then you must install the tires on each other, fixing them together and seal the joints between them.The remaining space is filled
  3. ground in septic introduced sewer
  4. Top cesspool of buses must be equipped with a hatch

The circuit design of the sewage tires

Selection of an embodiment of the treatment plant to the private area depends on the material component, the volume of construction works, the amount of waste water flowing intostructure, material specifications, which will consist of the septic tank as well as the nature of its use.