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August 12, 2017 18:07

Buleryan hands - how to make a " hot stuff " for personal use ?

What Buleryan oven?

Many sources told about the miracle-long burning stove.It can be used with the onset of the first frost in suburban suburban homes and cottages in the countryside, in short, everywhere where there is no heating.It is alleged that came up with this simple design of the Canadian guys, valivshie forest.

Indeed, Buleryany able in a short time to heat up a cold room, the best fuel for them - firewood.And the first thing this impressive oven, rapid heating of large areas.At the same time it almost does not require care.

The undoubted advantages include a convection type of heating, due to the design.It also allows the duct device to the upper floors - the heat generated is used with maximum efficiency (efficiency up to 80%).

Long burning provides work in ten-twelve-hour cycle, iea day is enough to lay the double fuel to ensure the constancy of the temperature regime established during the first ten to fifteen minutes of intense heating.

Homemade Buleryan - worth venturing manufacturing?

Buleryanov constructional difference is the presence in the body of the double series of special pipes, two-thirds the diameter of the flue are in office.This makes the oven air convection heaters, gas generator type for quick heating.The design of power regulators arranged (front door) and gasification (outlet to the chimney) giving opportunity to change the temperature of the outgoing air.

Buleryany designed to solve two problems: the rapid heating to a desired temperature and maintain it for a long period.They are heated without drying the air.In practice, after kindling oven for ten to twenty minutes, it raises the overall temperature by active warming of more than one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius and convection air mass through-tube exchangers.

Then shutters Buleryan translated in gasification mode.In this mode, the outlet air temperature is maintained about sixty degrees Celsius, the fuel burn is more than ninety percent.Even homemade Buleryan can drown not only in combination with wood chips, briquettes and peat, cardboard and paper.

coal Application is not recommended, becauseIt leads to rapid burn-metal tubes, which constitute a substantial part of the furnace body.Under recommended modes and fuels Buleryana operation duration is not limited.

Furnaces Buleryan hands - procedures

Buleryan To build an oven with his own hands, it will take eight segments of pipes with a diameter of about forty-five millimeters in length from meter to one and a half meters.Dimensions are approximate.With bending tool you need to perform their bending to eighty degrees.With the welding is carried out structural connection pipes installed symmetrically through one without distortions, arching outward.

resulting frame scald metal strip (two millimeters thick) on the lateral gaps between the tubes.At the top of the flue separating the two plates are welded, the distance between them - about five centimeters.Wherein the bottom does not reach the back wall and the top - to the front.Together, they form a kind of labyrinth for the post-combustion gases.

furnace top, over the second plate, and out the hole in the chimney pipe in the rear wall.Its diameter of about twelve centimeters, the pipe of the same length.The pipe is installed rotating gate valve with handle.The front wall is a hole with a diameter of twenty-five centimeters, the center shifted down.Welded pipe segment corresponding diameter or scald doorsteps to a height of eight centimeters.

Nestle loop brewed round cover (future door) to the rim, which should almost hermetically close the opening.It made for mounting swivel hinge, handle, latch, and is welded to the cooked desyatisantimetrovyh hole blower tube with a rotary blade-bolt.

Built oven is set to fireproof base (or foot) in height not less than twenty centimeters.Convection nature of the work requires a fairly large space around Buleryanov.A feature of this type of furnace is the need for insulation of the pipe chimney with mineral insulation not less than three centimeters.

By the way, building furnaces Buleryan device also requires a metal chimney with a high corrosion resistance (preferably stainless steel), the special tee for the removal of tarry condensate.That there was no fuming, the pipe should be output to the height of not less than three meters from the top of the furnace and at least half a meter above the ridge.

top of the pipe is closed by a fungus.The first furnace is best done outside or in a ventilated room.The experimental procedure is the optimal position of the shutter system in the ash-pit and the hole in the chimney flue.This can be a really good final of our initiative.