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Utility And The Host. Room

August 12, 2017 18:07

Dressing from the pantry or how to use each utility meter?

Dressing from the pantry - what it should be?

So all the old things defined elsewhere entirely freeing storage.Most likely, you will joyless sight, as hardly anyone pays attention to what the state of the walls, corners and, most importantly, the floor in the back room.If the room is in need of repair - briefly postpone plans of creating a wardrobe and undertake the business.On the floor of linoleum or impose otrez carpet, most importantly, that under them there was no irregularities.

ceiling is necessary to paint or latex paint or paste over the ceiling tiles, the main thing that there was not a hint of whitewash .Do not forget to be inside your clothes, and a blizzard with crumbling ceiling you to anything.The walls can paste over inexpensive wallpaper, paint or cover with plastic, again, expensive materials to nothing, all within austerity.Since our future closet of storage will become a full room, there need light.Stretching into the back room wire, fasten chuck and cover unpretentious bubble.

How to make out of the closet dressing room - simple solutions

So we came out comfortably, albeit without the chic.Now we have to decide whether the walls are closed cabinets or open shelves.In the first case, a dressing area significantly narrowed visually, but for things to be extra dust protection.The second option offers an easy search for things, just log shelf and take a look to see the desired garment immediately.You can make a combination, sometimes doors closed shelves, sliding desirable, so as not to interfere with you and did not cover other sections.

To hang clothes, one department leave without shelves and drawers, setting in its upper part metal bar.It is better if this section will be on the side, then casual clothes can be hung near the door, and the season is not required at this time - out.Very interesting variant with sliding beams, it can be applied, if the room has a side view of a deep niche.You can install it on multiple sections of retractable roller, such as what can be often seen in stores.

use the space as efficiently as possible

Before making out of the closet dressing room, it is advisable to think carefully about which doors will be installed.It is clear that they will not open inside, so you cut off their access to the side sections, if you want to just pop into the room, looking for any thing.However, outward opening doors is not always convenient, space premises, which houses our dressing room, shall be calculated on such a scale valves.

desirable that when you open the door to the room burst out the light, so it will be much easier than to place the switch on or fumbling in his quest for the walls of the former pantry.

If you still swing preferred option, offer to turn into the narrow door cabinets on rollers.Open the flap, and here is another set of drawers and sliding doors behind which shelves for different things.If such a solution seems too complicated, make doors, folding like an accordion, or sliding, hinged top roller traveling on a special sled.On the inner or outer side of one of the valves can be adapted and full-length mirror.You can even make the entire mirror or transparent glass doors.