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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to break the wall of the apartment on their own

How to break down a wall in the apartment itself: a permit

How to break the wall in the apartment itself : permit

Before proceeding directly to the demolition of the walls is necessary to take a few instances and obtain permission to redevelop.The first step is to invite a professional architect, so he consulted about which walls can be demolished and helped to make a sketch.From the sketches made on the plan of the house, you can go to the BTI.If you started a major change, the sketch can not do.There is already a need to contact the construction company for the future redevelopment project.

Further, since the ready design or sketch should contact the housing inspection, which is within 45 days consider the appeal and make a decision.

If yes, housing inspection, you can begin to perform work.

must act strictly on the draft or sketch, as it will be necessary for the completion of works to cause the commission of the Inspectorate for the inspection and issuance of certificate.

The break wall

apartment when permission is obtained, you can proceed to the execution of works.But before that you need to make and tightly cover with foil and tape all the furniture and take care of the built-in communications, such as wiring and water pipes passing in the wall to be demolished.

first step is to determine, with the help of the tool will be carried out the work.In general, they are carried out by using one of these tools:

  1. Bulgarka;
  2. Powerful punch;
  3. Pluggers.

Whichever instrument is chosen, the work should begin with a marking of the wall.Since in any case can not be cut all the partition entirely.This should be done in parts.

How to break a wall in the apartment

How to break the wall of the house jackhammer

How to break the wall of the house a jackhammer

Such a method is acceptable only if the apartment is at the moment no one is home.This is due to the fact that during the demolition of a concrete or brick walls jackhammer produces a lot of dust that settles on all surfaces and penetrates through the smallest cracks.

How to break a brick wall grinder

How to break a brick wall grinder

to break the wall of grinder, the tool should be fitted with disc "concrete."And then begin on a pre-applied marking, cut pieces of material.The advantage of using such a tool would be a minimum of noise and accuracy.But the main drawback - a large amount of dust.

How to break the barrier puncher

How to break the barrier puncher

can peck a Punch and can be cut.Slotting a very effective way, but not the most accurate.Besides using it in this way, you can accidentally touch something and carry too much.

Cutting concrete or brick walls punch - this is the most appropriate way to demolishing the wall in the apartment habitable.Since it is the least dusty method.To cut the partition puncher, on the markup you need to drill through holes and then using a hammer and chisel beat out "cut" part.

broken wall in the apartment: the cost

Once the work is completed to collect all debris in bags and taken out of the apartment.

If you do not want to do all this yourself, you can call the professionals who do this work, but it will cost is not cheap.The average price for one square meter of demolished concrete or brick walls more than 500 rubles.This figure can vary depending on the material from which the baffle is made and its thickness.Also have to pay an additional debris removal.