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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of the walls in the apartment - and you are not afraid of winter

What you should pay attention to the warming?

Before, you must pay to venture inside wall insulation apartments close attention to some of the features of your home.First of all is to see all the windows so that they are fully sealed.To do this, simply hand draw the contour of the window.If it is not tight, you will feel like it is blowing from.In addition, make sure that the wall between the windows, and there were no gaps.If the above problems exist, you should insulate window, thereby correcting their depressurization.

important role played by the internal heating system.Care must be taken to make it work smoothly and at 100% fulfilled its function.If you do not, then all your efforts on the insulation of apartment will be reduced to zero indicator.You can replace the old cast iron panels on modern radiators.But the most viable option would be the installation of an autonomous heating system.When all the defects are eliminated, you can safely get to work.

what materials to produce insulation of the walls in the apartment?

Today the building materials market offers a huge number of products to produce the best possible insulation of the walls inside the apartment.We suggest to consider the most popular ones:

  • foam .This material has a number of advantages, which made him the first place among thermal insulation materials.This low cost, and ease of handling, and high rates of thermal insulation properties.
  • Penoplex.Similar to the foam material.However, it can offer higher rates of heat savings inside.
  • EPS boards.Despite the effectiveness of the product, its installation can only take place on the first floor, as its size does not allow to raise it between floors.
  • Mineral wool.Another building material, which enjoys a reputation among builders is mineral wool.Its disadvantages are considered only the fear of moisture and use special sheathing system.The most high-quality firm for the production of mineral wool is a company URSA .

algorithm internal insulation of walls of apartment

Before you begin, carefully prepare the wall.First, it should learn from all foreign matter.It can be left on the shelf nails or screws etc.After that, all the holes that opened up after removal of nails and screws, it is necessary to cover alabaster.You can certainly do that, and ordinary putty, but it will take longer to dry.

If you wet the wall, it is necessary to dry it.And if there is fungus on it, then remove it and treat the surface of the antifungal agent.Next, remove the skirting boards and remove the floor carpet, if it fits snugly against the wall.

If you insulate the surface is uneven, and the deepening of the top point of greater than 1 cm, the wall is aligned.To do this, use the ordinary putty, which after drying should be primed.Now, when everything is ready, proceed to mount the heat-insulating material.

If you use as insulation foam, it is necessary to buy a special attachment to him, called "fungi" or "umbrellas".In the wall of the hole puncher drilled equal in size to the diameter of "fungus."Further, the foam is passed through a "fungus" and driven into the wall.

On one square of foam is recommended to use up to 5 fixtures.When all the sheets in place with a special adhesive surface puttied.Thus, under the layer of adhesive is applied special reinforcing mesh, then the wall is painted.

If as a material for insulation using mineral wool, it is necessary to produce a frame mounted on the wall.The distance between the posts should be equal to the width of a sheet of cotton wool.Then, the stacked mineral wool intervals.Attach it to the wall, you can use the same "umbrella".Then the whole thing sewn up drywall.Thereafter shpaklyuyut drywall and paint, or glue on it the wallpaper, depending on the preferences of the owner apartments.