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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pier foundation of the pipes .Pros and cons of design

Features foundation on pipes.

If you start to price comparison columnar foundation of the plastic pipe with the belt structure, of course it will be cheaper.Plus, the materials for installation also cost much less, and the cost of transportation at all ridiculous.Pier foundation of the pipes .Pros and cons of design

pier foundation can be easily installed (which reduces the front excavation to a minimum) and has good strength (withstand maloetazhki).Plus, you can install it at a certain level above the ground.You will not have to worry about what your foundation is to wash away the melt water.Also, it is well-established on heaving soils.Check the drilling rig will be cheaper than the use of an excavator.If the structure is designed for a small load, and it laid the foundation not deep - you can even use the hand-held drills that run on gasoline or electricity.

installed plastic pipes form a permanent formwork.They also create the right post as the geometry of the diameter and depth.

However, not all so wonderful.In addition to the low strength, there are a few downsides.First, the pier foundation of the plastic pipe has low resistance.This means that you will not be able to apply it on the ground, which is characterized by horizontal mobility.Such bases can not be used for houses, where there are differences of height of 2 meters.If you want to build a basement, then with the foundation, such an event will fly you a good penny.

design columnar foundation of PVC consists of Pipe housing mortgage reinforcement, expansion of so-called "shoe", and the waterproofing of concrete (in the pipe).Pier foundation of the pipes .Pros and cons of design

mounting pillars at the corners of the house is done, as well as at the junction of walls.Approximate step: 1.5m ... 2.5m.

This type of foundation combine together with the raft that gives structure stability.

Climatic conditions play an important role in choosing the type of foundation.Pipe foundation of the plastic pipes are classified as follows:

  • The first type not flush.Pipes located at a height of 40-50cm.from the earth.
  • second type: melkozaglublennye.Pipes are at 50% ... 70% of the depth of freezing.
  • third type: deep foundation.Plastic pipes are slightly below the freezing ground.

Pier foundation of the pipes .Pros and cons of design

briefly about the stages of construction of the columnar foundation of the plastic pipes.

laborious process of construction, but entertaining.For starters, you have to clear your site using a theodolite to implement the markup set, which will be specifically located poles and sketch data on their alignment.Once that is done, get ready for the digging of trenches, pits and pits Boren.Next, proceed to install the pipe in the hole on the prepared waterproofing material.Pier foundation of the pipes .Pros and cons of design

Once installed, go to the concrete mixture, which was poured into the tube as long as the diameter of the pit is filled with concrete (the approximate height of 20-30cm).Once the level is reached, it is fixed until the solidification of the mixture.Until then, it is placed in the armature (of course, if a plastic tube).

Do not forget to leave a part of the valve, to continue to link it with the raft.It depends on the installation of the same material.

won fame foundation, which is composed of asbestos cement pipes.This is not surprising, because they do not have the high cost and good corrosion resistance.They are characterized by simple machining, and low coefficient of thermal expansion.