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August 12, 2017 18:07

Coarse sand - look for the use of large size

Coarse sand - especially material

Sand - a mixture of rocks and minerals that do not stick to each other and are of different sizes.This material is a natural, as extracted from the bottom of a river or in a career.Usually the material is screened or deposited.Coarse sand has certain standard dimensions, from 2.4 to 3 mm.However, river sand and quarry vary in composition: the material in the river is no additional impurities, so it is more expensive.

Presented sand has the following characteristics:

  • absence of organic impurities;
  • by absorbing water amount of sand can be increased to 14 percent;
  • such material meets class 1 of radioactivity;
  • for coarse sand Class 1 and 2 frost is 100-200.

mined it with high-tech machines, so the cost was not small.If the sand has a clay impurities or other substances, the used washing.Sift it only if it contains a very large particles (stones, debris).Only after the material is sorted.

Coarse sand - used in construction

Coarse sand is a natural, environmentally friendly material.Usually he

used in construction (concrete for the manufacture and construction of the foundation).River material is used during the asphalting of roads, it made the roadbed on its basis.

Due to its properties the material reinforces the strength of concrete, or concrete structures.It can also be used for laying paving slabs, on which he could not formed puddles.In the production of tiles of the same sand is also used.

Construction sand coarse fraction is used for the manufacture of breeze blocks, concrete (along with rubble or rubble stone).Suitable such material for plaster, cement screeds, finishing, foundation unit.

for these procedures it is necessary to use river sand, since it has no impurities and is a good solution for the filler.

Sand large size is used in brick production.More coarse material can be added to the solution from which the blocks are formed.It is in this case creates a wonderful rugged unit skeleton and makes it resistant to external influences.

Sand coarse fraction - its subsidiary role

Since the sand is not associated with water, it is successfully used in different, solutions.The material provides such a solution provides strength and minimal shrinkage.It also can not be exposed to chemicals is a good filler for the different mixtures, making them more durable and do not spoil their original properties.Since

unobtrusive sand has a neutral color, it is often used in landscaping, despite the fact that it crumbles.Because it makes a roller coaster, the track.Sand can not rot, because it is well breathable and retains moisture.

large number of installation and construction works, as well as the finish can not be conducted without the use of coarse sand.This material is indispensable in the construction of walls made of bricks, as well as for arranging the drainage system.Usually made of sand cushion that helps protect the foundation from excess moisture.And this kind of material can be used for everything septic tanks.