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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cleaning of cesspools : modern methods

main ways to clean the drain holes

The main methods of cleaning the drain holes

The main methods of cleaning the drain holes

Currently, for cleaning sewers used two methods:

  1. Mechanical, implies a pumping waste using assenizatorskaya machines;
  2. Biology, based on the cleaning of sewage through the use of biological products.Which contain bacteria, and at their expense, decompose impurities.

We need to focus on the fact that the use of biological products are not exempt from mechanical cleaning, but only contributes to a rare recourse to ad call.

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning using assenizatorskaya raking technique is the easiest, but at the same time is not the most pleasant way.With this method, cleaning the sewage is pumped through a specialized device - cesspool emptier.

about how will be cleaning cesspools, the owners have to take care at the stage of construction of these facilities.Because, if you plan to clean the well with the help of ilisosa, it is necessary to comply with three basic requirements:

  1. Sewage should be located in an accessible for entrance assenizatorskaya machine location.
  2. well depth should not be more than three meters.This is due to the fact that it was such a cesspool emptier hose length, and if the depth is more, the cleaning will not be effective in view of the fact that the hose will not reach the bottom.
  3. volume of the well shall not exceed the amount assenizatorskaya machine.This is done in order to save, since when you call the machine is not paid the amount of sewage pumped out, and the flights that makes the car.

Over time, the walls and the bottom of the sump is deposited a layer of fat and impurities that interfere with the normal operation of the drainage system.In order to improve the drainage system is necessary from time to time to clean the hole using biologics.

biologic drugs as a means to clean the drain hole

Biological products , as a means to clean the drain hole

cleaning cesspools with biologics, is a modern and convenient solution in the fight against filth.

This method is based on the use of specific products containing the bacteria that break down waste water, turning them into the water, odorless.Bacteria are divided into two types: aerobic and anaerobic.For anaerobic sewage systems are used because they do not require additional supply of oxygen.

properties and characteristics of biological products

Unlike chemical agents, such as formaldehyde, bleach, nitrogen fertilizers, which are very aggressive and destroy the pipes and the material from which built cesspool, and bearing a danger to life and healthhuman, biological products are absolutely safe.They do not have a negative impact not on the person, not on the environment.Do not destroy the material from which the sewerage system is built.

Application of biological products contributes to:

  1. reduce the amount of impurities in 2 times;
  2. Recovery ability drainage sewer;
  3. Disinfection of the well;
  4. prevent the formation and cleavage or already present;
  5. nitrate removal from wastewater, leading to contamination of groundwater.

to bacteria as efficiently recycled waste should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Getting better application of biological products to coincide with the warm time of the year to before the cold weather, the bacteria time to multiply.
  2. Because biologics can not cope with the processing of household chemicals containing chlorine, it is better to restrict the release of such funds to the sewer.
  3. one type of bacteria to be used in a sump.So it should be limited to either anaerobic or aerobic bacteria.Since their combination does not give a positive result and lead to the death of one of the species of bacteria.

cleaning cesspools own hands

Cleaning of cesspools with their hands

If raked not large (for example, in the country, which come mainly in the summer), it can be cleaned independently, without involving professionals and technicians.

You can use the special fecal pump or ordinary water.

There automated model sewage pumps that are immersed in filth, and then they turn on and off automatically when it reaches a certain point level waste.

When using a conventional water pump for this purpose, it is necessary to put a filter, otherwise it bude always clogged.

to sewage pumping procedure to carry out as little as possible, it is possible from time to time to apply biological products, processing sewage in the water that goes through the walls and bottom.But even with constant use of biological products, mechanical cleaning can not be avoided.