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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plastic container for sump : pros and cons

Advantages of plastic containers

Advantages of plastic containers

Advantages of plastic containers

Plastic container for sump - is a relatively new product on the market of materials for construction of sewerage systems, but has already won the confidence among the owners of private houses and cottages.High-quality and properly installed the tank is ready to serve for many years, while requiring a minimum of cost and attention.

Modern containers made of polyurethane - light and very durable material.Due to this a number of advantages:

  1. little weight helps ease the installation process.Installation can be performed independently, without the use of specialized equipment.
  2. cheapness.Sump with plastic tank will cost several times cheaper than its counterpart, but of brick.
  3. not corrode.Unlike other materials used for construction drainage, no leaks due to corrosion effects.
  4. robust.
  5. sealed.Smells remain inside, not spread in the area.
  6. Environment.All waste water and sewage are in the tank, not getting into the soil and contaminate groundwater.
  7. Resistant to high and low temperatures.


Plastic container for sump has a lot more advantages, disadvantages bathed.But still they are.

small tank weight - is both a plus and a minus.Since the possible trouble during operation, caused by the fact that, over time, influenced by the movement of loose soil and groundwater, it may rise to the surface.

Plastic sufficiently strong material, but at the same time fragile, so the stones that are in the ground can damage the tank and break its seal.

To container of plastic for a long time served, and not "floated" to the surface, you need to install it on a pre-poured slab of concrete and attach ropes or anchors.A further reinforcement of the walls of brick prevent mechanical damage.

perform the installation with their own hands.Installation: Stages

We carry out the installation with their own hands

Plastic tank sump is very easy to install.To install it, you do not need a lot of time and special equipment.

Installation Steps:

  1. Define a place in the pit with the sanitary norms and the subsequent ease of entrance assenizatorskaya machine.
  2. Roy pit under the tank.
  3. Pour slab of concrete that will be the base structure.
  4. Gently drop the container and fasten it with ropes to the plate.
  5. covered with earth.
  6. Set the cover and the hatch.
  7. aligns the ground around.

We perform installation correctly

We carry out installation correctly

If you observe some simple rules when installing the plastic tank, the installation will take place quickly, and septic tank will last a long time.

begin with excavation pit at a preselected vessel, making a gap of at least 30 cm. Between him and the pit walls.If the ground is loose in the area and with large stones, then for additional protection against pressure and mechanical damage, it can be reinforced with brick pit.In the case of a close groundwater is not superfluous to fill the space between the well walls and the tank with the help of concrete.

capacity should be lowered on a concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 20 cm. And poured under the level.This will protect it from deformation, as the ground settles.