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August 12, 2017 18:07

Polypropylene sewer pipes - reliable design of your sewage

Features material

Polypropylene pipes for sewage produced by hot extrusion of the stabilized polypropylene having a light gray color.The main advantages of such sewerage, compared to this kind of systems made of other materials, are:

  • increased resistance to chemicals;
  • excellent hydraulic properties;
  • corrosion;
  • absence overgrown section of the system;
  • smooth surface;
  • lightweight.

Through the use of polypropylene for the manufacture of sewer pipes, the opportunity to significantly improve the operating temperature of the internal systems.This material has high strength properties that polypropylene pipes for domestic sewage can withstand shocks even at low temperatures.They can also withstand prolonged flow of hot water, which is why they are so popular to create a domestic sewer systems.

Polypropylene is absolutely not dangerous for humans and the environment, it does not emit toxic substances and has a devastating effect on the human body.Polypropylene sewer pipes, GOST 26996, can be used in the sanitary sewer without fearing for their health.This is an additional advantage of these products.

Important!By purchasing products from polypropylene, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer of the product and quality certificates.They must comply with the requirements of GOST.

mounting sewer system

compounds of polypropylene pipes occur by means of the socket structure.To ensure the tightness of connections in the internal system, using O-rings made of rubber, which are installed in the socket.The use of O-rings makes it possible to significantly accelerate the installation of this type of systems and ensures reliable connections in it.Due to the quick installation there is an economy of means and time.

With polypropylene pipes can perform virtually any installation inlets, drains, etc., and also carry out installation of risers for domestic sewage.Furthermore, such pipes can be embedded in concrete, for example, a wall covering.

Important!Before concreting the wall overlap the gaps between the sockets and couplings must be sealed with adhesive tape, so that the pipes do not hit concrete.

Polypropylene pipes for outdoor sewerage have increased frost resistance characteristics and, as a rule, are established or under land, or with the heating duct.However, they have a large diameter and are used to sewer systems external type (citywide or rural).

Transport and storage

Important!Transporting pipes must be carried out at a temperature below -10 ° C.

for transportation, loading and unloading products from polypropylene at temperatures below -10 ° C it is necessary to use special devices that are securely fix such a product, as well as the need to take special precautions.

Lay the pipe on a level surface.Keep these items in unheated rooms, insulate them from sunlight and rain.Remember, adhering to the basic rules of storage and operation of the building material submitted, you will not only save it safe and sound, but also save money to rebuy material.This is especially important in a time when every penny counts!