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August 12, 2017 18:07

How best to organize the surface drainage ?

What is surface drainage

To collect qualitative storm sewers, you must use all the technical innovations available in the construction market.This rectangular box for point drains and linear receiving waters, and special corrugated PVC pipe, can be easily bent at the trench corners.

As a supplement may be required for doors and trays, as well as lawn grids, providing drainage excess moisture from the surface. as nodal points is recommended to install drainage wells of PVC, preferably at every turn and forks tubes .

Point drains are always installed in places, where are the gutters and watering taps, and, in addition, if you are placed along the track grooves conventional concrete, in the places of their intersection and at the end you can also make a point.

Linear drains can become an independent system, that is, you will be made fully surface drainage area with their hands up to the manifold, without pipes laid underground.You can make a storm drain in front of the likeness of the recess, that is, under the lawn grid or layer of turf, empty pipe in a bed of gravel.

Where should undergo drainage ...

beginning any surface drainage system are all sorts of gullies, line, dot, for doors.On appointing them it's all said above, so let's get right to the point.Spot drainage is a rectangular container with a basket trashbox (it would be better to call this element mesh filter), on the outer wall of the housing has a connection for accession to the drain using a special clutch.

linear gullies - a conventional chute, which can be attached to each other end to end, with connecting sleeves for turns and forks.Top point and linear drains are closed bars flush with the garden path, or near the middle of which they are placed.

If you are in the area an extensive network of paths, which stretch between the farm buildings, residential building and, say, gazebos, the linear gullies - ideal for elimination from the territory of the results of unfavorable weather conditions.

By placing gutters along the edges of the tracks on both sides of them, around each construction, including gazebos, playgrounds and around the front of the garage, you will ensure yourself complete protection from flooding. place before parking the car, whether it's a shed or a garage, with a trench drain grating need to pre-clean off with the wheels of the dirt.Before the porch doorway set tray, an indoor grill, walking in it, you shake off the shoe of the moisture and storing a lower her into the house.

... and where it should rest?

Sewerage includes not only the pipe, and at least one well, and when it comes to protivolivnevoy sewage system, and at times five is enough.For surface water tanks there are 2 types of wells - the collector and actually drain.The first of these is the point of discharge destination from all over the area, as well as for waste water, while the second is not that other, as the nodal point on the turns and forks drains, which are connected to the trough and point drains.

When connecting pipes pipes wells and drains may be excessive resistance when docking with the clutch.To reduce friction, use a special lubricant, but not oil.

Even if you have a straight as a string, storm sewer, but very long, it is recommended every 10-15 meters to install a drainage pit, which is necessary to clean the system in case of blockage.

such wells are made of PVC, they are very light, and mount them easy, with such a task to handle even one person, only to have been performed competently connection pipes using couplings.For sealing compounds are used O-rings are inserted in a special groove on the sleeve / pipe sleeves.