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August 12, 2017 18:08

Chimney cap to the pipe by hand.

Select the material and design

333 smoke hole - to - tube - 1

Let's consider the basic material with which your smoke hole in the pipe is not only beautiful, but it will last a long time and reliably.

  1. most practical is considered to be a cap on the copper pipe.However, please note that the copper by contacting with other metals, is corrosive.This means that the mount for the copper chimney cap must be made of copper or at least considered omednelym.If you fulfill all the right, this cap will last for many years, dozrevaya and covered with a patina.
  2. Umbrella steel cheaper option, but it will last about ten years, and in the cases of stainless steel, the whole twenty.Characteristic of its resistance to high temperatures, acids and humid climate.The only negative - in unfavorable conditions, stainless steel loses its original shine.
  3. cap of zinc-titanium - characteristics similar to copper, however, will last up to fifty years.

the case of species, the most popular is considered the hearth, like a four-stage roof.Some artisans create special forms to apply decorative finishes.


gained popularity vane made of copper with a flat pommel.Used in homes, the design of which corresponds to the Art Nouveau style.At home with a European style set umbrella with a semicircular finial.

Caps with gabled roof and look great, have in their structure two ramp.They protect the pipe from the accumulation of snow on it, effectively ventilated.

can install a ready-made weather vane with an umbrella in the form of animals, mythical characters or symbols.

333 smoke hole - to - tube - 3

Production of umbrellas on the pipe by hand.How to make the hearth original

Made vane own hands will appreciate not only others, but also the owner of the house.The procedure is not as complex as it might seem at first glance.If you start the process for the first time, practice on paper, in order to avoid unnecessary costs and wasting time.

333 smoke hole - to - tube - 4

And so, follow the instructions about this:

  1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in such a way that turned out four triangles with one vertex, ie,four-sided pyramid.This is the simplest model of an umbrella.To make it more complicated, yet can repeatedly bent sheet.However, remember that you're working with paper, rather than a piece of metal.Do not overdo it.
  2. Calculate the angle of the ribs at the point of connection to determine the size of the metal.
  3. Get to work with sheet metal.That is fairly easy to make a special kind of chimney cap, you can make a lace edge.Enough to take on metal scissors, cut some of their petals and bend in different directions.
  4. fashioned wire frame shaped chimney cap.Make a hole at the bottom and at the top of each rib.Pass the wire into 5mm thick through the holes in the top of the pipe bricks (they also need to drill).
  5. Secure the hearth and frame.

As you can see lots of ideas for the wind vane.In addition to the attractive appearance, it will serve as protection for your chimney and provide good traction.

333 smoke hole - to - tube - 5

drawing installation Dymnikov pipe

Example installation chimney cap to the pipe circuit.

Plans typical installation scheme Dymnikov