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August 12, 2017 18:08

Vents with their hands

Features deflector ventilation pipes

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No one wants to remain in his room of the smoke, which did not pass through the chimney.And the reasons for this type of incident may be several:

  • strong and gusty wind in the street gets into the chimney, thus not allowing the smoke to go out of it.
  • chimney is not installed correctly, or its height does not meet the standard requirements.
  • the wrong section of the pipe (small value).

to no wind prevented the conclusion of the combustion products, install a deflector.This device is mounted in the end walls of smoke and ventilation pipes.With it, there is gas leak due to the effects of wind.Deflector chimney changes its direction in the most favorable, for movement of gases aside.

With this tricky decision, the wind does not reduce cravings, but rather strengthens.Deflector vent pipe system can increase efficiency up to 20%.Due to this structure, the chimney does not get snow, rain and various types of garbage.

mounting possible:

  • at the collective and individual ventilation duct;
  • collectively and individually chimney;
  • on the channel intended for the removal of combustion gases;
  • in the garbage barrel.

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design deflector.Install baffle with his hands

chimney deflector consists of the following elements:

  • lower cylinder;
  • diffuser;
  • umbrella.

It looks like this: the cylinder is composed of a ceramic, asbestos or metal pipe.To him attach the diffuser flaring, and above it are mounted umbrella (cap in the form of a cone).For the cylinder and diffuser make special ring curfew, which will continue to deflect the wind from the vertical direction.Umbrella and the diffuser is most often made of galvanized steel.

Suschestvet several standard types of structures:

  • Grigorovich;
  • Volper (round design);
  • Shenard (star design);
  • deflector TsAGI;
  • Astato (open design);
  • H-shaped deflector.

Operation is similar to the following:

  • When the wind direction is from top to bottom, working the lower annular opening;
  • When the direction from the bottom up, working the upper annular opening;
  • Two rings run in the horizontal direction of the wind.

When the wind direction from the bottom up, operation of the device less effective because of the reflection umbrella wind in the opposite direction with respect to the movement of gases.To eliminate this drawback, the umbrella is manufactured in the form of two cones joined at the base.

To install the baffle yourself, follow the following instructions:

  1. Secure the rack on the lower glass, using the M6 ​​bolts and nuts;
  2. With clamps secure the top to the bottom of the cylinder;
  3. brackets attach the hood with a reverse taper;
  4. Using transient connections, set a round deflector on the chimney (important for pipes of square or rectangular cross-section);
  5. Add to vent steel legs and backups (actual pipe with a large cross section).

Weathervane chimney and its principle of operation

installing vane on the tube, you will also protect it from the wind.It consists of:

  • conical cap;
  • semi-cylindrical screen;
  • canvas.

Screen and linen are free to rotate on an axis, which is based on the thrust bearing.Ie, vane, in contrast to the deflector, it movable windproof vane elements change their location based on wind direction.Semi-cylindrical screen is rotated in the direction of the wind, thus preventing its blowing.

To date, come up with a considerable amount of wind vane designs, but they all have one and the same disadvantage - quick failure.This is due to contamination and corrosion of the rotating member.Especially pinwheels are not suitable for regions with harsh climates, as due to the condensation of the frozen construction work is impossible.

Therefore deflector is the best option for any chimney in all regions.It not only makes the job more heating equipment correctly, but also organizes safe living conditions in the house.

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