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August 12, 2017 18:08

The material for insulating pipes

mineral and fiberglass wool

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On the market today there are a lot of insulation for pipes, discussed below are the most common.To select the insulation should be on the following criteria: the cost of the material, its thermal performance, the complexity of the installation.

  • Mineral wool and glass wool
  • Styrofoam
  • foamed polyethylene
  • Penoizol
  • Penofol

The least expensive material for thermal insulation of pipes, manufactured in the form of plates or rolls of the fibrous web with a thickness of 3 cm. Mounting A special feature is thatthe open areas of the pipe is wound isolation and strengthen its ties with wire or synthetic.

is important to remember that for the mineral and glass exterior waterproofing is required, since the moisture-laden material loses its high thermal properties.Also it will prevent the ingress of mikrochastichek wool into the air.


The most effective insulation for heating networks and the different ease of installation.Represents cases, the internal diameter of which coincides with the external diameter of the tubes.In order to keep the thermal performance of expanded polystyrene, should choose the right size.

cylinders are cut into two parts, the edges are made in the form of locks.All you need to do is dock the halves on the tube until it clicks.For extra safety attachment, you can wrap insulation tape.

foamed polyethylene

more common on networks running water, but it also is used for thermal insulation of heating systems in buildings.Available in the form of hollow cylinders, cut from one side.To fix the pipe to the site just need to put the insulation and wrap with tape.

261 - heaters and insulation - 3586


As for its application to the surface of the pipe need a special dispenser, Penoizol often used for the insulation of industrial heating mains.The advantages of such a material is formed by the insulation sealing, low temperature resistance, heat transmits practically does not need to mount, but it is also distinguished by its high price.


consists of a foil coated with a layer of polyethylene foam.In addition to the high heat-retaining ability, he has also a reflective property that significantly expands the range of applications of this material.

If you need to perform the isolation of the heating system, there is a wide range of different heaters.The material for insulating pipes is recommended to choose, taking into account its thermal performance, cost, ease of installation and quality.