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August 12, 2017 18:08

Physical and chemical properties of natural gas : the identification and scope

Physicochemical properties of natural gas: calorific

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included in the flammable gas composition (carbon, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen) and incombustible (oxygen, carbon dioxide, steam, nitrogen) constituents.Also during the gas comes out of it a small percentage of toxic hydrogen sulfide, namely a ratio of about 0 03 g / m3 but not more.

heat of combustion heat is the size, which is produced by the complete combustion of 1 cubic meter of gas.It denoted in kcal / m3 kJ / m3.Spent thermal energy in the flue gas condensation of vapor called a high heat, and the lowest, in turn, the heat does not take account of.

When a calculation taking into account only the lower heat rates due to high temperatures of exhaust gases of devices that use it.

How to calculate the density?

Value indicating the weight ratio referred to the volume of material density (kg / m3).It depends on what she had composed.The standard density of gas consuming devices is 0,73-0,85 kg / m3


Physical and chemical properties of natural gas also take into account such quality as zharoproizvoditelnost where the maximum temperature of any fuel that is temperature, which is achieved induring its complete combustion.It is recorded in the presence of a sufficient amount of air for combustion, and there is full compliance with the combustion procedure, even though the air temperature may be zero.

Exemplary figures zharoproizvoditelnosti - 2 000-2 100 ° C.It also depends on the combustion conditions to be provided.

characteristic that the ignition temperature - that at which it can ignite without ignition device.Therefore, performance of the temperature range 650 to 700 ° C.

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Explosive and explosion pressure

composition, as mentioned earlier, refer to the physical and chemical properties of natural gas.He neodnoobrazen and it has certain features of combustion:

  • Up 6% - does not burn.
  • from 6-16% - no breaks.
  • From 16% - free burning outdoors.
  • explosion pressure: 0,9 - 1,0 MPa.

Natural gas has no odor, and detect leaks would be difficult.Fortunately for him this Odir that provides a small but peculiar smell, by which you can at this very moment to determine leakage.Odirizatsiya uses a chemical element, such as ethyl mercaptan, which gives a measure odirizatsii 17 g per 1 thousand. Cubic meters.The process itself takes place at special stations GDS, which is then distributed to each hit odirizatsii% of the gas so that it had the odor.

Gas benefits

Physical and chemical properties of natural gas are distinguished list of positive features:

  • Cheap and easily produced.Just to carry.
  • Waste-free and does not throw out the solid particles into the air.
  • Combustion heat provides high efficiency in heating systems.
  • No need for preparation of fuel ignition.
  • high level of hygiene of work and the labor of workers does not require much physical effort.
  • process work at enterprises with its use significantly automated.

If in a closed room will penetrate more than 20% of the gas, it will lead to suffocation and even an explosion.If the burn is not fully formed CO (carbon monoxide), even in small concentrations, this chemical element will serve as a poison for all workers.

To avoid leaks, often a gas pipeline in the ground reinforcement connection is checked particularly carefully and attentively.