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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to bend the profile pipes ?

Bend pipes with the help of the tube bender

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perform this operation using a special machine is much easier than without it.However, there are some nuances.The first is what kind of bender:

  • Manual.The easiest, bending process is performed by applying a physical effort on the part of the machine owner.Inexpensive and simple, but the large amount of work does not work, because to spend a lot of time and effort.For small volumes, it is ideal.
  • Mechanical.Powered by electric rather than operator effort.Suitable when you want to perform an operation to bend permanently.

so as to bend the profiled tube with this machine?

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  1. necessary to determine the length of the workpiece.The length of pipe shall conform to the arc length.
  2. process itself may not seem like a simple bending, however, this is only the first time.Generally, if the process will be carried out by the operator for the first time, it is recommended to practice a bit with small parts or remains of pipes.This will allow to understand and practice a little bit.

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Bend without bending tool

perform this task without bending tool is also not very difficult.To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to heat the pipe in the zone of the future fold, and to bend the metal redness at that angle, which is required.However, on the site of the bend will fold, which can quickly crack pipe and a "burst" at this point.To avoid this problem, do the following:

  • close one end of the pipe with wooden pegs.
  • Absorb in sand tube tightly.
  • Close the other end of the pipe with wooden pegs.
  • Run pipe heating and make the bend.
  • Get pegs and pour the sand.

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Through this method, the question of how to bend the profiled tube without bending tool will no longer be troubled.However, the technology of copper and stainless steel materials is slightly different.

  1. copper pipe.Its niche is filled with water, then you have to give it time to freeze.Then it is possible to bend the tube pattern.
  2. Stainless Steel.It is also filled with water, but it is not necessary to freeze and start to work, when it is in a liquid state.Also, additional devices.That may fix the water pressure.

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