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August 12, 2017 18:08

Why PVC pipe have won the trust and where they are used

Required equipment and tools that will be needed in the manufacture of PVC pipes.

pipeline of PVC is used in many different areas, for transporting substances.It can be plain water or the same product in the enterprise that needs pumping.Why PVC pipe have won the trust and where they are used

There are a variety of communication networks, where this type of pipe perfectly cope with the task, for example:

  • sewer systems;
  • transportation of chemicals;
  • transporting food solvents;
  • domestic gas transportation;
  • water pipes, etc.

Plastic pipes used in construction and power supply.They serve as a protective structure may be used in the network cable connection.

Thanks to modern technology, to date, created high quality PVC pipe.He has a number of advantages, namely simplicity and ease of installation plan, high durability and reliability, operate under different thermal loads, are inexpensive (when compared with the price of metal analogues) and is designed for long-term use.

granulated PVC - a material that is used for the production of PVC pipes.There is an extrusion method by which to obtain high quality products.

addition of material using additional auxiliary substances which accelerate the polymerization reaction (catalysts), give the product strength and stability (stabilizers), making them more pliable (plasticizers) to prevent static electricity in the product (antistatic) and accelerate itself polymerization reaction (catalysts).Also, the individual dyes are used in which the pipe acquire different shades and colors.

equipment, used for the manufacture of PVC pipe is quite safe and running in a continuous loop.Why PVC pipe have won the trust and where they are used

It includes:

  • bunker, which was collected by trained components;
  • extruder - a special device, which is formed with the shape of the pipe (the liquid mass of molten polymer is extruded);
  • tanks where the product is calibrated and cooled without altering their shape;
  • cutting device.
  • to store and immerse the tube used stackers.

process of manufacturing PVC pipes

Few people know, but the process of manufacturing the pipeline made of PVC is not only easy, but also safe from an environmental point of view.In principle, at the site of 100 sq.m.It is realistic to create a small workshop for the production of plastic pipes.Why PVC pipe have won the trust and where they are used

On the line where production takes place this product, use only modern technologies.The workflow does not require huge electricity consumption, it is relatively quick and continuous.

For this, the hopper is filled polymer where it begins mixing the granules.Due to the electric heating devices is their gradual melting until a certain temperature is reached.The molten polymer enters the above-mentioned extruder, where, due to the pressure, the mass becomes ready form.Thus, the conduit is formed of various sizes.But that's not all.The output will only blank pipe, which requires further processing.

Further, the tube is placed in a tank, which is equipped with a vacuum calibrator, where a special vacuum pump creates a rarefied atmosphere.There it will be processed and cooled with rarefied air in the bathroom.

machine for the production of piping made of PVC, equipped with either a belt or a caterpillar device for uniform tension tubes.Then, using a disc cutter or guillotine shears cut pipe of a certain length.Why PVC pipe have won the trust and where they are used

When buying plastic pipes for hot water, pay attention to the fact that the product was not intended for cold liquids.Also, take into account that, for indoor and outdoor use, the pipeline of different composition.