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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pressure pipes of a polymer material and its general characteristics

plastic pipes

outer sewer removes wastewater from the building to a nearby sewage treatment plant.Its installation should be carried out safely, to avoid a possible rush, as the consequences can be catastrophic.

Practice has shown that it is plastic pipe can be used as a reliable sewerage system.To date, there is a normative document "GOST - pressure pipes."According to its requirements, pressure plastic pipes, by its characteristics, is much ahead than the same steel or reinforced concrete counterpart.

To begin with, it should be understood that the polymeric tubing is made of:

  • polypropylene;
  • polyethylene;
  • PVC.

Pressure sewage plastic pipes and their types

Plastic pipes have a number of positive properties, so can be used in various fields.Such properties should include:

  • resistance to aggressive media and chemicals;
  • anti-corrosion;
  • low price;
  • durability.

Pressure sewage plastic pipes and types

pressure pipe made of polyethylene was used as the construction of new sewerage networks, and repair old ones.They carry out the transportation of liquids with temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius.Polyethylene is resistant to chemicals, so the pipes made of this material can be transported not only liquid but also gaseous substance.Polyethylene pipes having a diameter of not more than 110mm connected with special fittings or welding.

Pressure sewage plastic pipes and their types

Pressure pipes made of PVC are also in demand.They are often called flared, as their connection is via a rubber seal of the socket.

Pressure pipes made of cast iron

For the organization of pressure sewerage systems perfect cast iron pipe, ductile iron with the name.It is made by centrifugal casting and Decipher this abbreviation as ductile iron with nodular graphite.From one end of a pipe is the socket, and the other - a smooth finish.Most often, pressure sewer cast iron pipes are supplied with flanges on both sides.

Pressure pipes made ​​of cast iron

Such a sewer pressure pipe is used for the channel and bezkanalnogo underground installation.It has high strength, ductility, and it is also durable.It can be installed at considerable depth.In detail, the characteristics of pressure iron sewer pipes can be found in the respective guests.

Pressure sewer asbestos cement and concrete pipes

This type of pipe is resistant to corrosion, fouling and rot.Poor conductor of heat, and can be operated at any temperature of water.The service life of asbestos-cement pressure pipes rather long.Their standard length of 3 m and a diameter varies depending on the destination of the pipeline.

Pressure sewer asbestos cement and reinforced concrete pipes

In addition, there are also reinforced concrete pressure pipes, which are divided into smooth, cylindrical and flare.These drawbacks include the high weight and complexity of the installation.

Based on the above it can be concluded that PP pressure pipes is the best option to install a sewer system.Very soon, this type of product will displace from the market and replace its cast iron, asbestos cement and concrete competitors.