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August 12, 2017 18:08

Folk remedies for cleaning pipes

chemical cleaners.Their types and application.

If you do not have my professional cleaners, it is possible to use improvised methods:

  • The drain hole is filled with a certain amount of boiling water and, after 15-20 minutes, clean the plunger;
  • The drainpipe fill 1 tbsp.of baking soda and pour boiling water.If necessary, can be repeated several times.
  • Another mixture - baking soda and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1.There is a violent chemical reaction with the formation of foam.Duration - about 1 hour.Thereafter, the drain is filled with 1 liter of boiling water;
  • for fat removal, an effective means is soda from common salt, which in equal proportions backfilled into the hole and pour boiling water for at least 12 hours.Folk remedies for cleaning pipes

When purchasing these assets is to be very careful, because they contain quite dangerous and aggressive elements.According to the structure they are powdered, granular, in the form of a gel, etc.

In composition, assets are divided into:

  • Chemical;
  • Alkaline;
  • Acid.

Visiting the shop carefully read the instructions, wherein said composition, methods of use and precautions.

misused cleaner can cause irreparable damage not only to your health but also sewer system.

is particularly attentive to the choice of suitable means, if you have metal pipes.After all, one of their main weaknesses is the instability to chemical irritants, especially alkali.

To date, one of the most popular and available for plastic pipe is cleaner "Mole", or similar drugs based on caustic soda.It can also be used to clean iron products, though in this case it will be less effective.This is due to the fact that iron is very difficult to clean due to its porous structure.Folk remedies for cleaning pipes

Alternatively, it is better to use gel formulations, due to its structure which can penetrate the roughness, filling them completely and thus remove all sediments accumulated on the pipe walls.

trub.Dlya Means for steel pipes is better to choose such granular agents that are put into the drain hole and gradually over a long period of time and treats the surface dissolves at each draining water.

Cleaning plastic pipes.The great advantage of products from polymers is their resistance to most acids (except hydrochloric acid) and alkalis.Therefore, to clean them fit almost since the range provided by the chemical industry.But the most useful alkaline drugs that perfectly clean pipe walls and thus do not harm the environment.

Recommendations for cleaning water and sewer pipes.

himself cleaning process should be carried out in compliance with personal security measures: Folk remedies for cleaning pipes

  • put on rubber gloves on his hands and on the face of gauze bandage or a special device "tab."
  • possible to open the window and the door to the room, or turn on the fan;
  • measure out the required amount of funds into the sink or the toilet;
  • try some time not come close to this device, since some means capable of releasing toxic fumes;

After a certain time, you can safely use the water supply again.The main thing to remember, do not get too often use such "everyday chemistry", in order to avoid violation of the integrity of the pipe.Folk remedies for cleaning pipes