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August 12, 2017 18:08

gas test

What you need to know about checking

gas meter course, what concerns the delivery to check the meter, fully taking care of the owner of the device.Moreover, it should be done in a strictly time.Inspection date is counted from the date of manufacture of the device, which is indicated in the passport attached to the gas meter.Federal Law "On ensuring the uniformity of measurements" in Article 13, paragraph 1 specifies that all measuring instruments must be calibrated before connecting and after repairs.Furthermore, there is a certain calibration graph where indicated periodicity check of a measuring instrument.gas test

Calibration interval counter of gas indicated in the data sheet, ie it is the period of time during which the meter can work until the next calibration.They also noted the date of the last calibration.Stamp stamp indicates expiration counter to the operation.We must not forget to follow, when the time the next inspection to avoid trouble.Do not operate the counters attorneys can not only valid readings taken with a proven instrument.

gas meter can be put in practice before the due date of the next check, if the gasman inspecting device detects a breach of the seal or has doubts about the testimony.

How to consider the volume of gas consumed until the gas meter is located on the inspection?In such a case it is determined by the average rate of consumption based on the annual data of a particular user.If the meter is removed for an extraordinary verification and before that operated less than a year, then take to the accounting evidence for the period during which it was used.The gas meter may not be out of place for more than 3 consecutive months.If such a situation occurred and recording device is not installed within three months, the volume is calculated according to the standards in the human.gas test

What after checking the gas meter?

After checking the meter can be two versions of events:

  1. Device successfully "passed the exam" on aptitude, which is confirmed by stamp and signature on the certificate of calibration.
  2. revealed defects, ie,Counter can not be operated.The owner of the device is issued a notice of unfitness.gas test

Once the suitability of the gas meter has been officially confirmed, and received permission for continued operation, the counter should be set up on the place.Ranked as the dismantling and assembly are specialized firms that have permission gas services.

After installing the meter in place, it should be sealed.This procedure is performed by a specialist gas industry with the preparation of oplombirovki act in two copies - one remains with the user, the other is kept by the supplier.Since oplombirovki payments for gas are carried out according to the transmitted readings.gas test