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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sewer of concrete rings : installation , scope , size calculation

functional use of concrete wells

The functional use of concrete manholes

Speaking on the practical application of the Rings sewer system, it is worth noting their widespread and extensive customer demand.Their use is associated:

  • stormwater designs,
  • drainage system,
  • collectors,
  • underground water,
  • technical issues.

experts construction sector indicate that they are indispensable, and there is no alternative.Sewer of concrete rings does not depend on the climatic conditions (exception - the extreme north).

The functional use of concrete manholes

list of pros allowed to form an impeccable reputation sewer installation of the rings.

Pros and cons of the Rings

Pros release:

  • high speed setting of concrete wells,
  • low price,
  • dense arrangement of parts of concrete rings, no proschelin,

Pros and cons of the Rings

  • idealperipheral form,
  • long-term service users,
  • density and strength of rings of walls,
  • ease of connecting the pipeline to the concrete structure.

Cons called following:

  • massive sewers of concrete rings, calculus structural mass with hundreds of kilos that make the installation of transportation inconvenience,
  • inability to carry "his own", the presence of cargo necessarily,
  • sensitivity to a flat surface (water drain from concreterings prone to cracks and uneven streaks at the location).

more parts of concrete rings.Dimensions concrete plants

Construction inspection, drainage wells influence on the size of the sewage plant.

Dimensions of concrete plants

height sewage is achieved by overlaying concrete circle one another.Universal concrete rings models KC-10 and KC-20 are not the only common species.Manufacturers are actively introducing new types of concrete forms in the construction industry.

Overlay sewage contributes to faster tiers of its installation.

Rapid installation is possible in the case of the presence of trucks and cars.Self-installation is virtually impossible due to physical weakness of man.

Model KC-10 and KC-20 suggest the following options:

TYPE DIAMETER (Internal (MM) height (mm)
KC-10 1000 900
KC-20 2000 900

design description sewer concrete rings:

Dimensions of concrete plants

  1. bottom, providing waterproofing well,
  2. lid, sunroof, allowing prevent well contamination uniquely cover.below the price of iron, normal, average weight).

Sewer of concrete rings with their own hands

residents of private homes are interested in creating a concrete sewer construction.Main plums go there.The magnitude of the depth - 2 meters.

Installing concrete is simple, it is possible to do yourself.Details in the video.

Sewer of concrete rings with their own hands