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August 12, 2017 18:08

heating Registers

Typology heating registers

Typology of heating registers

register size calculation is carried out according to a special formula, which includes various parameters used materials, facilities, and the heating system.Calculations also possible to make an online calculator that will save much time, but such programs are often inaccurate.

Typology of heating registers
Depending on the design of the heating registers are divided into two types:

  • Sectional.This type of heating of products consists of several parallel tubes with smooth plugs, which are interconnected by short smaller diameter pipes.Sections can be made of smooth pipes of different diameters.Login or register can be threaded or flanged.Short transient pipe should be located as close to the ends of the pipe, it affects the amount of heat transferred.
  • Coil.This register type is a smooth section of the tube which are interconnected by arcs.As such registers is significantly improved heat transfer as involved in heating the entire surface of the pipe.Furthermore, coils registers design eliminates the presence of transition sections, which significantly reduces the pressure drop within the system.

Typology of heating registers

registers Features heating

This heater has a number of specific characteristics:

  • This heating device is capable of heating large areas with small size of the property.That is why the heating registers are most often used in heating plants and other large and spacious rooms.
  • not require any special technological processes during production.cast iron, stainless steel, steel:
  • relatively inexpensive materials used for manufacturing.
  • withstand considerable pressure when working in the heating system design.
  • ability to work not only with water but also with oil-based fluids as well as steam.
  • Value / amount of heat is very high.

Features heating registers

use of heating registers heating element

This appliance for space heating is so versatile that it can be used with heating elements inside.This may be a heater.This kind of registers used for space heating, which hindered carrying out various types of heating communications.

power of the heating element may vary from 1.6 to 6 kW.Operating voltage - 220 volts.

device can operate in combination with pumps, which should support the largest circulation of the coolant.

registers with Taine, to improve performance, may be filled with antifreeze.

Using the heating registers heating element

Thus, the article described an element of the heating system is a heating register.It has also described the basic characteristics and properties of the device.It was shown variants of technical performance heater and instances of its use in a variety of heating systems, as well as the pros and cons of each type.