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August 12, 2017 18:08

Quick repair of sewer pipes with their own hands

Frequent breakdowns

causes of flow in the body of the tube or at the junction:

  1. Faulty installation;
  2. workmanship;
  3. errors in operation.

Act should urgently if:

  1. There was a leak at the junction;
  2. There was a hole;
  3. Formed blockage.

Frequent breakdowns

Each of these lesions turn out to eliminate their own hands and do not call plumbing, thus saving money and nerves.

leak at the junction.Leakage in the inlet

Once discovered a puddle on the floor in the bathroom or in the kitchen looking for a place leaks.

common cause of failure is poor, poor fixation of the siphon.Eliminated this problem is fairly simple.Check the gasket and replace it if necessary, and may need to tighten the threaded coupling.

The flow at the junction

Repair of sewer pipes depends on the material from which they are made, as well as the previously used solution for sealing.

to eliminate leaking at the turn of cast iron pipes with a concrete connection needed:

  1. Shut the use of sewage;
  2. Clean the damaged area from dirt;
  3. Dry the surface;
  4. Apply sealant and let it dry completely.As it is used, polymer solution.

Frequent breakdowns

If you can not remove the old joint material, since it is very tightly held, but there is still a leak, the hole over the obscure.To do this, take, polymer mixture or use improvised means: children's plasticine, waterproof glue, raw rubber.

When soldering lead, make such transactions:

  1. Stripping junction before the pure metal;
  2. Emboss crevice cones lead in using a chisel (the gap is sealed by the softness of lead).

leak may occur in the place of installation is a stub.In order to remove the problem are such methods:

  1. Change wooden Chopik on plastic plug of appropriate size;
  2. Replace old wooden Chopik new, pre-wrapping it several polyethylene balls.

leak at the turn of plastic pipe occurs very often, but if it happened, then eliminate it would be easy enough.Requires separate them and check that the rubber gasket lies flat, then bring everything back into place (usually after such manipulations leakage disappears).

resealing of joints is very time-consuming process, so that when the operation of the product to rid yourself of the problem, it is necessary to perform the initial mount according to the rules.

materials used for sealing:

  1. Technical sulfur;
  2. Portland;
  3. Hemp or jute rope impregnated with resin;
  4. Asphalt mastic prepared on the basis of bitumen;
  5. epoxy resin;
  6. sealants based on silicone;
  7. rubberized tape.

Preventive measures

As any breakage, leakage prevention is better then bathed with the repair of sewer pipes.In order to not to go to extremes, it is necessary from time to time to carry out an audit.If the pipes are old, decayed or defective, they should be replaced immediately, without waiting for complete failure.Well, if you noticed weaknesses, to begin with establishing a collar, it will save time to full replacement.

crack in the pipe: what to do?

A crack in the pipe : what to do ?

Sometimes tubes, for various reasons, there are cracks.Judged on their depth and seriousness on the basis of whether or not an unpleasant smell coming from.

If it is not, it is insignificant.It will be enough to cover the sealant.

If cracks emanate from unpleasant odors, it is necessary to choose the more radical methods:

  1. Drive a small peg of wood;
  2. Terminate the "cold welding";
  3. Make a winding of several layers of gauze, impregnated with epoxy resin, or a bandage-rubber;
  4. Apply clamp.

These techniques can combine with each other.

If undertaken did not work, then you need to replace the damaged section.

A crack in the pipe : what to do ?

Eliminate blockage in the sewer

Eliminate the blockage in the sewer

to not carry out repairs of sewer pipes, it is necessary for them to follow and time to eliminate blockages, because it is much easier to prevent them than, then remove.To prevent

perform simple steps: install removable grilles in the sink and bath 1-2 times a month washed plums boiling water.

If a small blockage yet formed, it can try to remove the plunger.If the blockage is deeply and plunger does not work, you should try to remove it by chemical means, for example, a mixture of salt or alkali, or apply special means acting on the instructions manual.

If the blockage is not removed, you can use another way: to blow it with a vacuum cleaner.To do this, fasten a hose with a drain hole blow hole of a vacuum cleaner.

If none of the methods does not work, it is necessary to mechanically (wire worm) penetrate the blockage.