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August 12, 2017 18:08

Compound plastic pipes with metal

Principles pipe connections

  1. thread.When connecting pipes of small diameter it is recommended to use connectors for metal pipe which is threaded, and polymers - clutch.

    To form a reliable tight connection thread on the metal pipe wrapped with linen soaked in linseed oil or hemp fiber rope.

  2. Flange.Most often used for large-diameter pipelines for ease of installation compared to other types of connections.

Pipe connections Principles

Features connecting pipelines made of plastic and metal

compound plastic pipes with metal takes place by means of special fittings, which includes the device and an internal or external thread for metal and plastic sleeve for soldering.

pipes Wiring diagram using fittings:

  • old clutch is removed from the tube of metal or a part of it is cut, then smooth out the edges and smeared, and then use the tool to do rezboreznogo new thread.
  • thread is cleared, then wound a tow or a special tape, lubricated with silicone top.Ends fum-tape or fibers have to repeat the course of the thread
  • fitting is installed without the use of tools to prevent damage.If there is a leakage of water after winding parts, you need to reinforce it.

Features connecting pipelines made ​​of plastic and metal

Details for connection of polypropylene are very convenient for everything turns and bends of the pipeline network in all directions.Due to material properties.From which produced such fittings, you can change the details of the shape of its heat by less than 140 degrees building hairdryer.In carrying out this operation is necessary to consider the possibility of overheating of the polymer and does not allow it.

When installing heating systems or hot water is worth remembering that the plastic is capable of expansion and contraction due to temperature, so if the pipelines will be laid by the closed method, you must ensure that the gap between the pipe and the wall, using a tubular insulation.Pay attention to the places you need to connect pipes - tees, contours.

Features connecting pipelines made ​​of plastic and metal


Connections of this type are detachable and are often used for pipes with a diameter of 40 mm.Compound plastic pipes with metal is carried out using metal flare or flange is welded to the pipeline flange edges bushings.

This connection is used to connect pipes to valves, pumps and other parts of the system, as it provides an easy and quick dismantling of the connector assembly for maintenance or repair work.

For pipes made of polymers most often used loose flanges, which are based on the shoulder.Attaching plastic to metallic pipes made of steel flanges, whose size is the same as the size of the metal pipes.

When selecting components for flange connection with plastic pipes must be remembered that the flange surface should be smooth and without any clues as to prevent damage to the polymer.

flanged connection

Characteristic features flanged connections:

  • For plastic pipelines medium and high density diameter of less than 150 mm and less than 300 mm for pip-ing low density it is recommended to use loose flanges with support for direct clamps
  • To increase the reliability of the connection is usedstraight clamps with conical transitions
  • for large-diameter pipelines (more than 200 mm) are used loose flanges, based on the tapered shoulder
  • Connecting wedge type with curly flanges used for pipes of all diameters

compound plastic pipes with metal by means of flanges madeas follows:

  1. pipe is cut exactly in the place of connection
  2. Loose flange worn on the pipeline from
  3. metal is then necessary to establish a lining of rubber so that it went beyond the boundaries of the cut is greater than 10 mm.
  4. flange fits over the pad and fastened to another flange with bolts.

flanged connection

Spinning bolts must be of the same effort, taking into account also the recommended specifications themselves flanges and other parts.

Connections by flanges and threaded connection are characterized by simplicity the their implementation.To connect pipes of different materials, it is not required to have professional skills and, if all the recommendations, everyone will be able to do this work yourself.