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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cable for sewer cleaning

Cable for sewerage, its use

cable for sewer cleaning is a wire, which is wound in a spiral several layers of smaller diameter wire.In order to increase the thickness of the rope, they impose on different sides of the axis.To manufacture this tool using high strength steel St-70 brand withstanding load speed less than 3500 rpm.

When selecting a tool, carrying out cleaning, it is necessary to take into account the type of sewage sludge, and in accordance with this pick, and its diameter.

The cable for the water drain , use it

device is equipped with a special handle that provides ease of operation make it possible to carry out cleaning in hard to reach places and poorly passable - knees, tees, bends.This versatile tool can be purchased at any hardware store or market.

cable Making own

  1. To manufacture this tool takes a flexible cable of considerable thickness, folded end and separated fiber wire
  2. To carry out rotational movements on the other end is put a ring
  3. For ease of manufacture in the middle of the rope is threaded pipe sectionwrapped in plastic or rigid material.This will prevent damage to the skin during

To keep the cleaning tool for the middle part, screwing it and pushing the drain by turning the handle with his free hand.The versatility of this uncomplicated device allows you to use it to clean the chimney, heating systems, water supply, etc.

Making his own rope

Instructions for use

cable for sewer cleaning should be used on the following principle:.

  • end of the wire is installed in a holedrain and turn in the direction of clockwise, with a small force pushing the pipeline
  • After removing the blockage and restore the tube efficiency system is washed and operate plunger
  • further into the drain hole pour about 10 liters of boiling water

Instructions for use

to fightclogged different nature, are poorly eliminated the usual rope, using different nozzle: the bottom - to remove sediment from the mud and dirt, tip-hook is used to extract the impurities in the form of hair, pieces of cloth, etc., the breakdown nozzle breaking long-standing rainfall, springs and spirals.necessary to clean the water trap.

Usually household sewerage blockages are removed easily and without having to install nozzles, but to clean the boiler plant or piping their use is very advisable to set diameter.

Wire Sewer

Just like a cable for sewer cleaning, wire is actively used in the fight against clogged.Use it for pipes with a diameter less than 250 mm.If pipe diameters of more than 350 mm apart from the wire eliminate contamination by washing with water.

application instructions:

  • the drain pipe fixed clamp placed wire installed at the end of the nozzle
  • eliminating the pollution that caused the clogging of the pipeline, in the well from the bottom put a pitchfork
  • tool clamp and move back and forth

disadvantage of this instrument is its relatively low strength, which reduces the efficiency of the work in.In view of the fact that the wire is constantly commits springy motion, to get place blockage it can be very difficult.

Wire sewage

Flexible shaft and tape for sewer cleaning

Compared with the wire, in order to clean sewage systems appropriate to use flexible shafts.Their structure is a large-diameter metal cable, which is wound in a spiral rigid wire, wherein the diameter is 5 mm.The length of such a tool can reach 60 meters, and the overall diameter -. Approximately 30 mm.

tapes are used in the same order as the cable for sewer cleaning.They represent a rigid and strong steel pieces 25 mm wide and 3 mm thick, provided with a handle to provide comfort work in pipelines of great length.

Flexible shaft and tape for sewer cleaning

For each particular case of sewer blockage, you can use different tools.They effectively carry out the removal of contaminants in the home.For the system to work safely and not let failures must be periodically carry out preventive cleaning.