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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sewage cast-iron - Secrets replacement and installation

Sewage cast-iron: the characteristics and peculiarities of

Bezrastrubnaya cast iron drainage has both advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of this system include sewer quiet in comparison with similar devices for sewerage.Cast iron does not melt, does not burn, does not emit toxic substances.

lack of sockets makes the joints and connections more tight and does not require the use of special sealing materials.Cast iron pipes are resistant to temperature extremes.The wall thickness of the same over the entire length, which increases the strength and durability of the system.Because of the relatively low coefficient of linear expansion of metal pipes can be concreted without problems.

The main drawback of this sewage is a significant weight and a sufficiently large flow of metal during production.Cast Iron Systems should not be used in seismically active zones, in areas with poor soil and saline soils, where iron is rapidly losing strength.

How can I correct dismantling?

When overhaul homes often require replacement of cast-iron sewer.To do this, you may need: a hammer, a chisel, a Bulgarian, a gas burner.The first step is to break the tube chisel, should be left only element that is part of the riser.In order to provide access to a compound should be cut as much as possible grinder iron pipe.

Since sulfur compounds is used, it must be heated to liquefy.Using a gas burner, and the compound should be heated to remove sulfur therefrom.Clean all connections, you need them to shatter. If all of the sulfur was burned or drained, the dismantling of the iron sewer is almost complete .With the tee riser removed all of the sulfur, and it stays cool.When burning out should pay special attention to fire safety.

installation features a cast-iron sewer

Mounting cast iron sewage is carried out on the same principle as that of any other.The first thing you need to do the right layout.Slope pipe should not be less than a centimeter per meter.Doing screed on the floor, you should leave a few centimeters under vacuum bell tee entering the apartment, because over time the use of sewage prosyadet and tee burst.

For installation of sewer pipes need these tools: Bulgarian, hammer, wall chaser, if you want to place the pipe in the wall.There are two options for installation of cast-iron pipes: using the welding machine or using fasteners (rubber sleeves or steel clamps).

when installing tubes which are included in the header, they have to be inserted one into the other socket bottom.After that, they must be centered, secure, and the remaining gap is sealed hemp, mastic asphalt, sulfur or waterproof asbestos-cement mixture.

quality pipe connections - the most important factor to consider when installing a cast-iron sewer.Often fittings are used for installation of such a system.Under the washbasin is better to use a tube of 50 mm in diameter, and under the toilet seat - 100 mm.After installation is complete you need to check the tightness of all connections for leaks.