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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cast iron heating stoves for heat guard in a country house

What should be the oven?

Most often cast iron stoves used for heating of country houses and cottages, which are often not able to qualitatively retain heat.In the summer, this is not necessary, but in early spring and in autumn and winter there is a need for rapid heating of the room.For these purposes are often used metal heating furnaces and heating stoves made of cast iron.

Note!Cast iron radiators are more functional than the metal, since the thermal conductivity of iron is much higher.

Such a device must meet all safety measures so it can be left unattended while working in the area, walking and sleeping.It is also important that it had an attractive appearance, as it is set in a prominent place.For such purposes the best cast-iron stove, since it allows you to arrange the room design in any style and at the same time has good technical characteristics.

Cast iron heating stoves and their modifications

Long gone are the days when cast iron stoves were only for cooking and heating a small room.Today there exist various modifications.Very often used cast iron stoves with a water circuit and a long burning system.

The first type is a furnace with two walls, between which there is water.It is used for heating the whole house, as such a device can be connected to the heating system.In town and country houses he used instead of the boiler as well as the installation and operation of the iron furnace much easier.Also, it can work on any solid fuel, it saves money.If you plan to buy the heater, then why all the heat discharge into the chimney, if it can be spent on heating homes.

Note!In addition to heating the building, with a water circuit device provides hot water at any time.

Cast long burning oven - a one-piece design, which aims to ensure that the fuel burns on the principle of gasification.This principle offers several advantages:

  • Fuel is consumed very economical;
  • A high efficiency;
  • Quick and safe ignition;
  • optimum heat output.

They are used to stably maintain a certain temperature for a long time.Such ovens are a great option for holiday homes, as fuel economy, which is very important, do not always have the opportunity to replenish its reserves in remote areas.Also this heater eliminates excess heat generation, and as a result, the room is no condensation.

take or not take: the pros and cons of the device

We considered what modification has a cast-iron heating stove and what it is used.But the heater, in addition to their advantages and disadvantages have.Consider the pros and cons of iron instruments.

The advantages include the fact that, if you use wood, its deficit you do not feel as solid fuel, as its lack in our country.In addition, warming up is fast enough, and the room for a short time warming up.Using long-burning stove can be a long time, up to eight hours, to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

The disadvantages include the fact that the cast-iron stove heats only the room where it is lined with.That minus deprived of the device with a water circuit.If for any reason you are not installing a stove, it is best to use the stone oven to heat the entire house.

Note! Cast iron ovens are available with doors made of refractory glass.This will allow to observe the flame and decorate the interior.