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August 12, 2017 18:08

Corner fireplaces - the best option for small rooms

Corner fireplaces - description and

requirements Despite the fact that the classic fireplaces are always located on one of the walls of the room, a corner fireplace, whose dimensions are much smaller, has historical precedents.The reason was not a lack of space, but a feature of the house.The fact that the old heating elements intended only for heating, and the angular-burning stove was able to heat simultaneously 2-3 rooms.

Important!This type of heater should be positioned so as to avoid the ignition of the nearby objects.

Before embarking on the organization of the building element, it is necessary to decide on the angle in which it is located.To do this, we should take into account not only the aesthetic quality of the room, but the house and features a roof where the chimney will be laid.

work involved in processing the fire

Design corner fireplace is not less important than their construction.Typically, such a trim element is selected as to the interior, which is available in the room or building in general.

Important!Do not use combustible materials such as finishing in the relative vicinity of the construction of the furnace. most applicable materials for such works are considered:

  • Marble, which makes construction expensive and solid;
  • tree which perfectly harmonizes with the interior of country houses;
  • Tile, a variety of which allows you to select the most suitable option.

other words, finish this construction can be carried out with the help of a huge amount of building and decorative material.It remains only to decide on the necessary view of the future fireplace.

Structural features

Decorative corner fireplaces may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, which implies some differences in the design of this building element.Symmetric devices are made so that they abut the rear wall of the corners of the room.The front, the front wall can be made in different ways.

Asymmetric types of fireplaces are rectangular in structure, where one of the walls is recessed in the corner of the room.If you remove one of the devices of the walls and replace it with string, then learn from the corner fireplace open type.This type of device is just a huge number of varieties, which allows you to choose the option you want for each room, without resorting to a fiction of their own projects.

Important!When choosing the right type of design should take into account ease of use and maintenance of the fireplace.

Initially this construction element is constructed of refractory bricks, which was subsequently selected and will dismiss decorative material.For such a construction is used on their own or borrowed poryadovkoy developed.It poryadovkoy responsible for the quality of construction of the heating element, which includes a detailed plan following the construction of each of a number of bricks.One has only to deal with a prepared plan, and the construction of the fireplace does not seem such a difficult and scary.