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August 12, 2017 18:07

When will heating Podolsk in 2015

As Podolsk prepares for the heating season 2015?

Today, urban boiler rooms, as well as social facilities and housing receive certificates of readiness, because when you turn on heating in Podolsk, everything must be prepared for the winter.Almost all municipalities have already conducted a test firing, the preparation of the integration of the region to the heating was completed by 20 September.

In Podolsk finishes preparation for the heating season 2015-2016

Currently Podolsk full speed check equipment for heating mains and boiler rooms.Identified defects promptly liquidated, after which objects receive documents confirming readiness to supply heat.Preventive measures concerned and gas, power grid, pumping equipment.

In Podolsk replaced the dilapidated parts of a heating

Usually when Podolsk will give heating, the first in the queue for the heat to be social institutions.As of September 17 kindergartens, hospitals and schools have already received warmly.Virtually all of the city boiler conducted test firing.Municipal organizations to report on all activities undertaken.Hourly number of completed projects increased.

exact date of when to give heating in 2015, not reported, but residents of Podolsk are guided by the beginning of October.

The inclusion of heating Podolsk waiting

From that graph of heat flow depends?

Dates inclusion of heating systems in Podolsk depend on a variety of factors, chief among them:

  • availability of funds for the timely launch of the heating;
  • deadlines repair and maintenance work with the system.

Podolsk city administration has allocated in 2015 for the repair and maintenance of heating systems of 117 million rubles.

today to start heating 98% of consumers are prepared.Repair and preventive measures are carried out on time.

supply heating Priority Podolsk

Traditionally, the first heat will have social institutions:

  • school;
  • kindergartens;
  • medical institutions;
  • orphanages.

Once they will be provided with heat, the heating system will start in residential buildings.The last will be connected to heat industrial premises.

optimum temperature in the living room

If you have doubts about the quality of service housing heating systems, make temperature measurements in the flat areas.Optimal for SanPin should be such indicators:

room temperature Celsius
optimal permissible
Spaces 20-22 18-24
Kitchen 19-21 18-26
WC 19-21 18-26
Bathroom 24-26 18-26
Corridor 18-20 16-22
Entrance, staircase 16-18 14-20
Pantry 16-18 12-22

What if the heating was not given

Find out with whom you have signed a contract for the supply of heat.This may be as a management company and teplokommunenergo directly.There could be required to recalculate for the improper provision of services.

By law, heating can be turned off in a month for 24 hours (total for all days).At the same time continuously heat can not be more than 16 hours (if in a residential area and 12 above), no more than 8 hours (if the house is 10-12 degrees Celsius) (if 8-10 degrees temperature) and no more than 4 hours.

If these general rules are not met, for each hour of service refusal (total amount for the whole period), payment for heating will decrease by 0.15%.