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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to save on electricity and use of all electrical appliances ?

way to save on electricity

electricity theft

Supervisors often notice that people trying to steal electricity, inventing ever new ways.As soon expose the most affordable options for theft, craftsmen are coming up with new ones.

Here are just some of the ways a hidden energy consumption.
Of course, it is easy to join the neighboring networks and enjoy a strange energy in the apartment as long as the neighbors do not guess about the fraud.But it does not fit all, so that we can take as an outsider entrance lighting source.Take the lead (main invisible) and also seamlessly connect it to the parallel wiring entrance.

second method is often called a third-party zero.This method is possible provided that the Soviet counter is used, or the Induction Disc.If the zero get hammered into the ground metal angle, the disk counter will not perform turnovers, and therefore will not consider electricity.But there is a caveat: you can not take the zero as the battery, as it can beat the current across the riser at the touch of a good conductor.No wonder that the SEP categorically does not allow workers to apply zero grounded constructions.Each break grounding a huge threat to human life.

Another way: the phase and zero in front of the counter.Everyone saw seals on electricity meters installed so that the user can not independently carry out an autopsy and shell index did wires to bypass them.Therefore, for this type of connection remove the insulation from the wires going to the counter and carefully attached to it near reaching their wires, insulate them in place and twisting let into the apartment.Unsafe can only be a short circuit at the time of twisting the wires.

The fourth way is to stop or freeze revolution counter indicator.But here we must take into account the type of meter, the durability of his work and where he is.So this method is used only everyone on the counter and his fiction.

Another option theft is unwinding testimony.Different variants are also used for each type of meter.There is a mechanical stop counter.In the case of the old disk counter mechanism can not stop sophisticated improvised emphasis.But the main thing is not to break count.And most importantly, any inspector, even experienced, for this kind of theft is easy to detect it.

Yield counter failure can also serve as an excellent option for theft.Millet is not in a hurry to report it to the power supply.And a few days to enjoy free electricity, and then you can and report damage.

external stimuli on the counter.You can treat a variety of options are offered to us on the internet at different prices.Consider the principles of the most common.Let's start with a neodymium magnet.If the magnet to bring the old meter, the meter can be a full stop or to brake it.External influences can be called and high humidity, it can actively reduce the correct operation of the meter.This will allow for the theft of energy in the apartment.Modern counters electronics are more tolerant to all kinds of interference and the conditions at the electronics too, has its drawbacks.But nobody knows, will change the error pi such actions in any way.

Neodymium magnet in action

There is a connection to the power lines with low voltage.Often they are used in the private sector.Simply combine the two wires from itself to the phase and zero, lines that transmit power, and you have so desired 220V.But practicality need to climb a pole transmission line, which is not very pleasing to the consumer, does not specialize in this.Also troubling and safety, this theft is very easy to see how the neighbors and the relevant authorities.

Counter Soviet model

more than a simple way of theft of electricity, provided the beginning of its supply to the object or housing.This diverse hidden wire counter purchase, which is easy to deceive and so on.

wire in

land How to put the cable in the ground to the house in detail look at the video.

What threatens for theft of electricity

Electricity kidnapped lots of ways, including by means of stopping the motor as in the video on

neighboring tab In case of theft of electricity regulatory agencies unscrupulous landlord threatens to administrative or even criminal liability(depending on the value of stolen state property).At best, it would be fine, and, as a rule, rather big.Can be disconnected from the mains supply house or business that is illegal means try to save on electricity bills.In a large scale stolen energy can cause more serious punishment of responsible persons.