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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to build a fireplace with high quality and safe?

Manufacturing fireplaces - why is it necessary?

Fireplaces appeared quite a long time.Even in the Middle Ages, every self-respecting castle owner had a spacious hall with a huge fireplace, which can be time bake calf and warm during the cold season.It should also be noted that the flame contemplation of the fire, has always acted on the human fascinating and calming, making an indescribable feeling of comfort, and that is the charm of the fireplace allows you to move the sight to his home, while helping to ensure adequate security of the home.

Actually classic fireplace and is a furnace with one open wall of non-flammable material, integrally formed with the right chimney.Manufacturing fireplaces possible with materials such as marble, granite, cast iron, but the most widely used brick.

In addition aesthetic component construction of fireplaces intended purely practical interest - heating homes.And heating specificity lies in the fact that it is at the expense of open flames almost immediately after the ignition starts to rapidly heat the room, which is quite nice when you come in the winter holiday vacation home.However, having in direct contrast to the stoves without branches chimney, fireplace almost does not accumulate heat and cools almost instantaneously after the burning of fuel.

Building fireplaces - how to ensure safety?

Compliance following safety guidelines will show how to make a fire.Firstly, it must be made from noncombustible materials.Also, a meter closer to it should not be of furniture, windows, etc.The distance from the fireplace wall should not be less than 20 cm to the surface of the walls of the house, with the covered with non-combustible materials.

Fireplace must be calculated by the size of the room, as if his excessive amounts during protopki will be burned all the oxygen in the room.Requires durable and specially designed foundation.

addition, one must have a plate of non-flammable material, lying in front of a fireplace.Use only wood hardwood, carefully pre-dried in order to avoid "Shooting sparks" and rapid clogging of the chimney.And, of course, in any case should not be left running unattended fireplace.

Before build a fireplace, you must calculate and make at his foundation, which should not be connected with the foundation of the building and stand on the latter at a distance of not less than 10 cm need the following tools:. Metal square hammer with a pick on the reverse side, trowel, the level of shock, a Bulgarian with a circle for cutting brick, rubber mallet.

How to build a fireplace - the basic techniques of laying

Before, how to build a fireplace , were selected from the total weight of the bricks without chipping and putting some light damage to the outer part.Then, according to the chosen project for the initial fitting to lay the foundation of the solution without the first row of bricks, given that the distance between them should be about 5 mm.

the way the bricks have to be full-bodied and withstand at least 150 g / cm² and placed in a special oven solution, which is sold in all the major DIY stores.

Before laying the bricks need to be dipped in a bucket of water for 10-15 seconds, as if this is not done, then the brick immediately pull all the moisture out of solution, and eventually laying easily fall apart.After fitting exhibit the first row of bricks with mortar, using a square and level, if necessary by tapping it with a rubber mallet.After that, checking horizontal and vertical surfaces, start to spread the rest of the series, do not forget that the seam between the bricks should be about 5 mm.

directly furnace spread of firebrick , using a special fireclay solution to the distance between the bricks is not more than 3 mm.The side walls of the furnace should not be attached to the side walls of conventional bricks as they have different dimensions and expansion coefficient, so must be a gap between them.The lower the number the furnace is put on an ordinary brick kiln using the solution, if necessary, for a bunch of wires sticking into the seams.The semi-circular ceiling are made using a special template is made of boards and plywood.

Of course, all good advice, but is important to have a visual aid, how to build a fireplace, video material, attached to the article, will help you the best way possible.